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Rising cost of college tuition

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Rising cost of college tuition

Rising cost of college tuition


I need this annotated bibliography to be done on the references used on the Rogerian essay, thank you.


Applying Rogerian argument Insert name: Institutional affiliation: Due date: Rising cost of college tuition is no longer a secret in the country. What discourages families and students is that the cost of tuition increases by about ten percent annually (Enhrenberg, 2009). Consequently, the lower and middle people are getting it more challenging to afford accessing quality of education of what their children deserve to get. It is important for colleges to increase both funding and scholarship opportunities to supplement federal financial aid and cater for students’ education. The college cost continues increasing, but family incomes remain stagnant. According to Thelin (2013), even if most colleges provide scholarships, the offers are quite limited in slots and are greatly competitive. Moreover, the government has failed to ensure that the federal financial aid given to students address the increasing costs of college tuition. Since 1992, the government subsidized loans have remained stagnant at $23,000. Many students, not only international students but also local students, find it difficult


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Rising cost of college tuition Rising cost of college tuition
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