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Retaining Employees in Nonprofit Organizations

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Retaining Employees in Nonprofit Organizations

Retaining Employees in Nonprofit Organizations

Subject Area: Public Administration (not the jubject on the order form) Book required: Nonprofit Leadership and Management by David O. Renz & Associates, 3rd edition. We can use different sources for references. The paper is about nonprofit organizations operation and how to keep experience employees stayed in nonprofit organizations. Please include an abstract and a references page.
RETAINING EMPLOYEES IN NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS Name:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (30th April, 2011) Abstract This research paper critically looks at the strategies of retaining Employees in nonprofit organizations. It first defines the nonprofit organization as an organization that in any case does not distribute its surplus funds to shareholders, but in place use them to assist in attaining it objectives. The main objective of nonprofit organizations is giving support to some issues or matters of private interests or of public concern for non-commercial purposes. In the recent times, nonprofit organizations have the ability of attaining their corporate targets in an effective manner by the use of some methods that were developed in for-profit enterprises. Some of these strategies include; have an internal management that is far much effective, (Pynes, 2008). The paper found that after considering all other factors for having effective employees, like recruitment, it is good for the nonprofit organizations to keep their employee for longer time. Some of the strategies they have for doing that include: monitoring of job satisfaction, mentoring programs, training, payment consideration, positive culture, good communication, internal referrals, growth opportunities, fostering trust and confidence in senior management team, job rotation, coaching, employees should be valued, and flexible job environment. The paper concluded that, the best retention techniques are the ways of retaining employees in a nonprofit organization.Introduction Retention of employees is much challenging not only in Non profit organization but in almost all industries. Most employees keep on changing their current employer due to competition in the non profit organizations. It is also evident that there are few people who have been trained in that profession. Hence, due to few people trained to work in that industry there is high competition by organizations to employ the few available. This has made it really challenging to retain the employees for long in an organization They might be organized as nonprofit corporations or even as a trust, cooperative entities. There are a times when nonprofit organizations are called foundations, as well as endowments that have large stock funds. There are similar organizations that are called supporting organizations, which operates just like a foundation, but the difference is just that, there administration is very complicated, highly tax favored, and public charities that they finance ought to have a specially determined relation. Foundations provide funds to other nonprofit organizations, as well as fellowships and their grants to participants are direct. Nevertheless, foundation is also a name that can be used by any nonprofit organization. In Germanic laws, nonprofit organizations are basically voluntary associations; despite the fact that some have corporate structure. The primary goal is to give support to some issues or matters of ...

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Retaining Employees in Nonprofit Organizations Retaining Employees in Nonprofit Organizations
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