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[Solved] Respond to Podcasting reviews

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[Solved] Respond to Podcasting reviews

Respond to Podcasting reviews

To. Writer I have to respond two of my fellow students` papers. -The comments need not be long (100 words at least), you have something to say beyond, "I agree" or "I disagree." -I`m looking for quality of thought. Please be respectful and constructive and avoid personal comments about the writer. -Feel free to comment on comments if you wish. When you make your comments, keep your focus on what is being said rather than the grammar mechanics. To. Writer (Robert Id # 33) I chose two article, please read these two stories and respond just like the example. Please Use easiest words and simple grammar structure. It is not a essay or thesis paper. It is just respond to someone`s story. So Please write down comment just like when you write some comment on newspaper or youtube.. etc.. I chose these two article below, Please write one respond for half pages, and the other #2 for half pages. The comments need not be long (100 words at least). I ordered just one pape which contains at least 275 words. - Please write simple grammar and be sure that I`m an international student from south korea and a woman - Please write a comment just like casual conversation (see those two example) Thank you so much. If you have any questions, please send me message. Here is the example: "I enjoyed reading your podcast review about “Alcohol and Pregnancy”. It is really interesting for me. I learned that drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause baby to have syndrome when I took nutrition class. Although it is common sense that drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not good, some women might take alcohol when they get pregnant because of stress or some other reasons. It is possible that they do not know effect of alcohol on their baby, so I think that this podcast has important information to understand a risk of alcohol use during pregnancy. Also, I think giving phone number for getting more information is effective." ------------- These are 2 articles that I chose to response: 1. "For this assignment, I listened to “Alcohol and Pregnancy”, an interview with Dr. Miska Terplan on podcast.com. The podcast, which is part of the University of Maryland Medical School`s “Medically Speaking” series, can be accessed at: http://health.podcast.com/show/38630/. Dr. Terplan is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Maryland Medical Center as well as an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The interviewer was Susan Boston, and the question-and-answer format discussion lasted for approximately 8 minutes. In this podcast, Dr. Terplan discusses the health risks of consuming alcohol during pregnancy, including the effect of alcohol on both the baby and the mother. In general terms, he explains Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, a spectrum of disorders in the newborn that can range from mild developmental issues to severe birth defects. According to Dr. Terplan, alcohol usage during the first trimester of pregnancy is the most damaging. However, any amount of alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be harmful. Most women will curtail alcohol or drug usage when they learn about the pregnancy. Those who don`t stop on their own often suffer from a form of alcoholism and require treatment. Dr. Terplan explains that physicians need to screen pregnant women for alcohol abuse and provide counseling when appropriate. The podcast is meant as a public health service and is presented in non-technical language for the general public. At the end of the presentation, a web site and phone numbers are offered for listeners in need of further information. I felt that the message was good, and the information was presented in an easily understandable language. However, I wonder how many pregnant women are actually reached by this method of presentation. Unless a woman is doing a specific internet search on the topic of “Alcohol and Pregnancy”, she would be unlikely to come across this podcast. An alcoholic or substance abuser, who really needs the information, is even less likely to be reached. Nevertheless, this type of presentation does provide general medical information. I`m glad that our medical schools and universities are experimenting with new ways of offering health information to the public. " 2."I decided to listen to “Episode 28: Fancy food, Road food, and feet” from howtodoeverything.org. I`m actually not familiar with podcasting, it was my first experience but I could tell it is becoming very popular through the internet. It`s like online radio or a show where they tell you interesting information about things the audience will want to hear about. The website I listened my pod casting said that their pod casting is half advice show and half survival guide. The episode I listened too was about a Louisiana congressmen named John Fleming who spends $3800 on food every week for his family every. How do you spend $3800 on food every week? The episode is about radio casters trying to figure out how this guy spends this much on food everyday, trying to guess what kind of food his family must be eating every week. Kevin Tang who writes about expensive food for the papers in Chicago, he says $150 on seafood, ham which is $180 a lb from Spain, $80 for sandwich, $300 a bite for Kobe steak, shark fin soup from Hong Kong cost $100 a bowl, water melon from Japan cost $600, $500 Champagne bottle, expensive movie snacks for $100. After these cost there is still $1000 left to spend on which is pretty ridiculous costs of food. The other half of the episode was about “road food, and feet”. It was about a man who walks 30-33 miles a day and traveling all over the states walking in bare feet. Traveling while building up calluses on there feet. They said if they had a girl friend or a wife they will throw up seeing there calluses on there feet which is something you don`t want to imagine. I thought this episode was good and interesting, although its information the audience doesn`t need to know, its good entertainment and funny stories. At some parts it got a little boring just because it was a topic I wasn`t so interested in like talking about their gross calluses, but the food expense topic caught my attention. I recommend audiences to listen to this episode and the other episodes on this website because it was interesting and funny pod casters. "
Alcohol and PregnancyAlcohol abuse is very detrimental to the health of both the mother and the baby. When chronically abused, it can cause many malformations in the baby. The baby will be mentally challenged, a slow learner with emotional and behavioral problems. There may be defects in development of the face, heart and other internal organs.On the mother, alcohol causes...

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[Solved] Respond to Podcasting reviews [Solved] Respond to Podcasting reviews
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