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Research Assignment

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Research Assignment

Research Assignment

For this assignment you will research 3 Medical Specialties (Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, and Hydrotherapy) and 3 Alternative Medicine Specialties (Occupational Therapist, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Technologist) and write a paper on your findings. The paper should include at least one page (not more than 2 pages) for each of the specialties you choose. Include a brief summary or description of the following information: • Explain and describe the medical or alternative specialty • What education and certification is required for providers practicing the specialty • What type of patients age groups would likely use the specialty
RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTNameInstitution Introduction A medical specialty is a branch in medical science. After finishing medical school, surgeons or physicians further their education in a particular medical specialty by finishing a few years in residency so that they become medical specialists. The specific system of modern specialties evolved during the nineteenth century. The particular subdivision of medical practice onto certain specialties is different from one country to another and is somehow arbitrary. The aim of this paper is to analyze the medical specialties like Aromatherapy, homeopathy and hydrotherapy, look at the education and certification necessary for providers and age groups of patients needing attention in that particular specialty.Aromatherapy is a practice of using natural oils extracted from bark, flowers, roots, stems, leaves or other plant parts to enhance physical and psychological well-being (Buckle, 2003). Once an individual inhales the aroma from these natural oils, it is widely believed that it stimulates brain function. Additionally, these oils can be absorbed through an individual`s skin then travel through the blood stream thus promoting whole body healing. Aromatherapy is gaining momentum even though it is a form of alternative medicine. This treatment is used for a number of applications, including increased cognitive function, mood enhancement and pain relief.Aromatherapy is among the fastest growing and most misunderstood complementary therapies. The use of essential oils requires aromatherapy certification from an accredited organization (Buckle, 2003). Currently, many physical and occupational therapists are being certified to practice in this field. However, massage therapists, neurologists, chiropractors and physicians are among the few examples of professionals recognizing the importance of getting certified and using clinical aromatherapy. For occupational therapists or any other health care practitioners interested in becoming certified, they should attend a certification course. An example of a course on aromatherapy certification is the one by Jane Buckle Associates. With our deadline-driven society and the added pressure, stress is now a top cause of sickness. One study done recently suggests that individuals of all nationalities and age groups experience some stress (Buckle, 2003). Since aromatherapy is an alternative medicine and a common form of relaxation, it has been used to deal with stress thus it is good for individuals of all ages. However, although aromatherapy can be a remedy for people of all ages, there are recommended doses for every age group of children (Buckle, 2003). Therefore, it is important that one consult with an aromatherapy professional before using the natural oils on children.The Law of Similars is the main idea behind homeopathy. During the late eighteenth century, a German doctor known as Samuel Hahnemann read somewhere that quinine that contained Peruvian bark cured malaria ...

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Research Assignment Research Assignment
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