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Requirements for Professional Paper

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Requirements for Professional Paper

Requirements for Professional Paper


I want this professional paper to be on my specialty which is labor and delivery. I want the case study to be on Preeclampsia (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension), I also want all the 16 standard I listed below to reflect on the case study scenario that you will provide. Based on the case study you will provide. I want each standard of care listed below to be in its own paragraph. Standard of care 1. Assessment, 2. Diagnosis, 3. Outcomes Identification, 4. Planning, 5. Implementation, 6. Evaluation, 7. Ethics, 8. Education, 9. Evidence-Based Practice and Research, 10. Quality of Practice, 11. Communication, 12. Leadership, 13. Collaboration, 14. Professional Practice Evaluation, 15. Resource Utilization, 16. Environmental Health. ***This is just an example of a case study that I wanted to show you. "Please don`t use this one.(A 35 year old lady at 32 weeks of gestation in her first pregnancy goes to your office for a minor upper respiratory tract infection. Incidentally, her blood pressure is found to be 155/90 mmHg with a pulse rate of 85/min. The cardiovascular examination and chest examinations are otherwise unremarkable. The size of uterus is appropriate for gestational age.)" Requirements for Professional Paper 1.Produce an informational professional paper on a professional nursing role. This paper will be written in your own words, using professional journal articles and nursing organization websites as references. IF you find that you are copying word for word so that someone else’s words are being presented as yours, you will receive a zero. 2.APA format required. 3.Use at least two American nursing journals published within the past ten years; no commercial websites 4.Cover page in APA format 5.Introduction: What is the professional nursing role you are researching? Explain the role. 6.Prove that it is a professional role -How does this role fulfill the definition of a profession rather than the definition of an occupation? 7. Educational preparations for role -Is there specific training required for this professional nursing role? -Is there a certification available and if so what is the process to obtain 8. Case study example: -Develop a case study identifying a patient/family that your nursing specialty would take care of. What specifically does this professional nurse do and focus on? Focus on what is special about this nursing role. 9. Standards: -Using all of the 16 nursing standards explain the standard and how specifically each standard applies to the work of this nursing role? Give examples for each standard using your research articles to support your ideas . 10. Publications and organizations -What are the specific nursing journals that would help this type of professional nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these journals help? -What specific professional Nursing organization(s) would help this type of professional nurse succeed in this role and in what way would these organizations help? 11. Conclusion - summary of the professional paper 12. Reference page -Attach both journal articles to your final paper. (You do not have to submit a clean copy of articles.) RUBRIC FOR PROFESSIONAL PAPER Not addressed 0 points Partially addressed 1-2 points Complete 3-4 points Total APA format /4 Spelling & grammar /4 Uses publications effectively /4 Two American nursing journals in past 5 yrs /4 Cover page /4 Introduction /4 Prove professional role /4 Educational preparations /4 Case study example /4 Standards 1-16- explain standard and give example specific to specialty nursing /64 4ptsx16 standards= 64 Publications & organizations /4 Conclusion /4 References- cited references correctly /4 FINAL GRADE on content of paper /112


Requirements for Professional Paper Name: Institution: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction A labor and delivery nurse is one who assists women before, during and after birth. In addition to that, they take care of women who experience complications with their pregnancies and assist surgeons during cesarean deliveries (Wicklin, 2010). It is their duty to monitor both the health of the mother and child, provide postpartum care. To educate new mothers about newborn care and post-delivery health issues. Why is it a Professional Role? It is a professional role because the nurse applies professional knowledge and expertise to deliver services and support to the patient. The nurse is required to have advanced nursing skills and experience to provide professional and technical care to patients. Education Preparations A labor and delivery nurse needs to have earned an Associate of Science in Nursing or nursing degree from a recognized college or university. An elective course is taken in labor and delivery to be better prepared for a future career as a labor and delivery nurse. After graduation, the student must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). A Board Certification is required, and it is obtained by having experience as a staff nurse working in the labor and delivery unit. Case Study Mrs. Stevenson is a 39 primigravida who is 38 weeks pregnant. Her medical hist


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Requirements for Professional Paper Requirements for Professional Paper
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