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Request of Service

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Request of Service

  • Request for Service: 
The following request for service provides the scope, learning objectives and deliverables for your industry project. Your group will be required to review the Request For Service (RFS) and then prepare an appropriate response for your industry partner.

Project Context
: Telstra is exploring the opportunities within Tertiary Education sector to create new revenue stream and expand customer base, especially within the younger demographic. Our previous collaborations with Ducere students have identified that 1) Telstra can improve student accessibility – a crucial aspect to today’s Education mode of delivery and; 2) a combination of Telstra Ventures products can digitize paper-based, inefficient processes and add value to the Education industry. 

  • Services Required
: Students will be required to:

◦                            Reinforce and refine the benchmark / prototype developed by previous Ducere project teams, leveraging previous or new research findings;

◦                            Conduct market research analysis to validate pain-points identified within the industry, and propose a marketing & stakeholder engagement plan.

  • We would like your team to consider:

◦                            How to enrich the concept & functionalities of the “digital student passport”

◦                            Market appetite for:

▪                                                    Digitized process – removal of paper;

▪                                                    Real time multi-channel communication platform;

▪                                                    Use of biometrics for identity verification;

▪                                                    Other key functionalities of the “digital student passport”.

◦                            Level of impact and value proposition to target audience & stakeholders:

▪                                                    Education providers – decision makers, staff, academics and etc.

▪                                                    Students – prospect, current, and alumni.

▪                                                    Employers

▪                                                    Regulatory bodies, if any.

  • Resources
: Resources to be provided by Telstra:

◦                            Project Management

◦                            Point of contact for communication and support

◦                            Telstra Venture products information and contact

◦                            Insights and findings of previous Ducere/Telstra research project on Education sector.

  • Deliverables (Minimum)
:Ducere project team will deliver the following items over the course of 16 weeks:

◦                            Market research analysis

◦                            Validate pain-points identified in previous studies

◦                            Market appetite analysis and feasibility report

◦                            SWOT, key success factor, and etc.

◦                            Digital student passport prototype 2.0

◦                            Marketing and stakeholder engagement proposal for the final product

  • Timetable

◦                            Project status update on a weekly basis

◦                            Contact via email, phone or video conference e.g. WebEx

◦                            Preferable contact hours 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

◦                            Project team to provide meeting summary / minutes

  • Stakeholders

◦                            Telstra Venture

◦                            Vendors of Venture products

◦                            Education partners with Telstra

  • Key Contacts

◦                            Project Sponsor: Carlo Platania, Head of DocuSign at Telstra

◦                            Project Point of Contact: Jamie Keung 


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