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[Solved] Rebuild my Image

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[Solved] Rebuild my Image

Rebuild my Image

Topic. There are always famous individuals or companies who could use a good public relations program to rebuild their image after bad publicity. Pick an individual or company in US recently in the news for the wrong reasons (within the past six months) who/that could use your help. Using the four steps in the “Public Relations Program” outlined in Chapter 14 in the book, develop a strategy you can use to help the individual/company rebuild their/its image. (Hint: The more detailed/creative the strategy and why it would help, the better.) Please DON`T use Neil Abercrombie since we used his PR problems as an extra credit in the blog. To. Writer I will upload the four steps in the “Public Relations Program” outlined in Chapter 14 in the book as attachment file. I want you to pick one individual or company in US for topic. (with reasons) - The overuse of “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe.” Once again, most of the time it`s not necessary to use these. These are your papers and what you write is what you think or believe. -Attribution. I expect you to attribute facts and figures to the source. -Even if I checked on `No sources required` you can use any references (from web) but please CITED at the end of the paper where your references came from. - Please understand that I go to college in hawaii and im an international student from south Korea(Woman). please do use easy an simple grammar like a international student. If you have any questions please contact me. Thanks. P.S. The four steps in the “Public Relations Program” outlined in Chapter 14 in the book 1.Information Gathering 2.Planning -strategic -tactical -management by objectives, or MBO 3.Communication 4.Evaluation I also attached files, If you can`t read them, Please let me know. Thank you very much..
Rebuild my ImageName:Course:Professor Name:(November 4, 2011) Rebuild my ImageIntroductionPublic relation is a very vital component in any organization since it helps it to relate well with its customers and the general public. Without an efficient and effective public relations department in an organization the image is threatened any time there is a crisis or problem, since handling the situation lies squarely on the department which will be able to solve and rebuild the lost trust of the public. This paper gives the four steps in the public relations program that would help the Bank of America solve the public relations problems that were erupted when the bank introduced debit card fees to its customers.The issue of money is an important one in view of the fact that it touches the lives of all people. Through using the four steps i.e. information gathering, planning, communication and evaluation the Bank of America would be able to solve the issue amicably without collapse and not hurting it customers by looking out for public interest.Information gatheringOver the last few years the economy has been faced by many challenges due to a global economic crisis. In view of this, banks have suffered major loss of revenue and hence needed ways and means to recover lost revenue. In fact other banks were bailed out by the government meaning that they had to deduce other strategies to avoid collapse due to ban...

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[Solved] Rebuild my Image [Solved] Rebuild my Image
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