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Rational, Reading program

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Rational, Reading program

Rational, Reading program

I need to write a rationale for a reading programme for young learners first I want to clarify the aim and objectives them the teachers role and students role. and using the 5 component that I will be attaching in the power points slides
Name Course number Instructor`s name Date Rational, Reading program The rational This is a reading course developed to run for four weeks and it is open to all 4th grade students in elementary school. A reading programme is important as it enhances the student`s ability to communicate with others, develop social skills and to be articulate in academic pursuits. The main aim of this programme is to develop student`s proficiency in reading. The course shall develop the students` ability to hear and separate words or their phonemic awareness, to recognize letter and sound relationships, to build their mental vocabulary record, to enhance their fluency and enhance their comprehension ability. ...

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Rational, Reading program Rational, Reading program
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