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Rapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in Africa

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Rapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Rapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in Africa

Research paper The research paper is a 5-8 page argumentative research paper. The research paper will require at least eight outside sources, three of which must be from the library databases. One of the essay`s major sources, informing argument and/or topic, must include Sizwe`s Test by Jonny Steinberg. The essay must use inductive and deductive reasoning and adequately address opposing views for the argument. Topic Your research topic must be related in some way to Jonny Steinberg`s Sizwe`s Test. You must clear the topic with me in advance of doing the research. Some possible topics include cultural approaches to disease, biomedical approach to cultural understandings of disease, HIV-AIDS in Africa, U.S. involvement in HIV-AIDS in Africa or worldwide, cultural mis-communication, the politics and economics of infectious disease, cultural politics, traditional medical practices, the clash between science and traditional beliefs, sexuality, gender and shame, shame and HIV. These are suggestions to get you going, but I am open to other interpretations of the book and, thus, to your research paper topic. The research paper will require at least eight outside sources, three of which must be from the library databases. The sources must be varied—an essay that relies exclusively on internet sources will receive a failing grade. Please note that Wikipedia is not a valid source. The paper should also include at least two primary source documents. For an explanation of what a primary source document is, please go to this website: http://knowledgecenter.unr.edu/help/using/primary.aspx. The essay must use inductive and deductive reasoning and adequately address opposing views for the argument. The research paper must use MLA style citation for all sources—a research paper that does not include citations will automatically receive a failing grade. Checklist 1. Is essay 5-8 pages long (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font)? 2. Have you used at least eight outside sources? Are at least three from library databases? Do you have at least two primary source documents? Are the sources varied? Is at least one of them Sizwe`s Test by Johnny Steinberg? 3. Have you cleared the topic with your instructor? Is the topic related to the topics suggested above? 4. Do you have a strong, clear thesis? Supporting topic sentences? Strong paragraphs? Evidence from a variety of sources to back up your argument? 5. Do you address the arguments of the opposing viewpoints? Do you offer credible pro points in support of your argument? 6. Do you have an MLA style works cited page? Are all your sources cited appropriately in-text?
NameInstructor`s NameCourseDateRapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in AfricaSouth Africa is considered to have more than six million victims of HIV/AIDS, which makes it one of the major HIV/AIDS regions in the world (Ploch 10). According to the statistics provided by World Health Organization in 2010, around 33.3 million people are suffering from HIV in different parts of the world. Surprisingly from this high population, more than 22 million i.e. 66% are only in Africa (WHO and UNAIDS). WHO further reported that everyday 7000 people including 1000 children get infected with this life threatening disease in different regions of the world. Unfortunately the majority of these newly infected people are Africans. Some efforts have been made to slow down such quick spread of this disease but they were not sufficient enough to control its quick spreading.Looking at the critical situation of Africa, Johnny Steinberg who is a journalist, lecturer of African Studies at Oxford University and author of several books, showed his concern for the people of African countries by writing “Sizwes Test: A Young Man`s Journey Through Africa`s AIDS”. In this book he has shown the constant AIDS problem in his country and explained how people refuse to get tested for HIV/AIDS with a fear of getting it positive. He has also shown that if HIV is treated decently than people for sure want to get cured.He has portrayed this situation with the help of Sizwe Magadla, a well-educated and rich young man from rural pondoland. This man is the central player of his book and the main source through which Steinberg writes about Pondoland and its people. Steinberg has revealed in this book, the fears problems that are faced by the people of his homeland when they are suffering from HIV/AIDS. In an interview regarding his book, he said:“When I set out to write this book, I went to one of the deepest rural areas in South Africa and there the prenatal prevalence rate was up to 30 percent. Literally, everyone knew somebody close to them who had HIV — whether they knew it or not, whether they denied it or not. Where it had been on the periphery of my world, I walked into a world where it was everywhere”.(Trotter, AIDS Foundation of Chicago)Reasons for the Quick Spread of HIV/AIDS in AfricaDifferent researches have been performed to find out the main causes of the rapid spreading of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Most of the researchers are of the opinion that poverty plays a key role in its growth. The purpose of writing this paper is to examine the following thesis statement regarding poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa.Thesis Statement: Poverty is one of the significant factors that contribute to the rapid growth of HIV AIDS in Africa.According to Ogunbodede, one of the most important factors that contribute in the quick growth of HIV AIDS in African countries is the increasing poverty. World Bank 2001 reports states poverty as one of the major economic issue in African countries ...

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Rapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in Africa Rapid Growth of HIV/AIDS in Africa
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