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Raising Kids God`s Way

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Raising Kids God`s Way

Raising Kids God`s Way

Instructions from course: Research Papers are to be a minimum of ten pages, NOT including abstract, reference page, or title page. You will follow APA format throughout. Papers are to be typed, double-spaced, using #12 Times New Roman font. A minimum of six (6) professional references should be utilized, in addition to the class texts and the Bible. Emphasize QUALITY before quantity. Remove verbiage that is really only “fluff”! You are to create your own title for the paper and use your own presentation style. Grading Rubric: Title Page 12.5 1 Assignment includes a Title Page 5 2 Page # and abbreviated title (2-3 words) top R corner & present throughout paper 2.5 3 Full title is appropriate and in proper place (see APA for good title content) 2.5 4 Student name and school in proper place (course # and student id # not necessary) 2.5 Assignment Presentation 87.5 5 The assignment is grammatically correct (including sentence structure) 12.5 6 Assignment is written in 3rd person (except in sections where personal reflection may be appropriate) 12.5 7 Headings are used to identify sections and organize structure 12.5 8 Text is organized and written in a coherent, succinct manner 25 9 Assignment is of proper length: 25 Assignment Content 125 10 The Assignment adequately addresses the topic outlined in the syllabus 50 11 Statements and positions are adequately supported by research 25 12 Assignment utilizes at least the required number of professional sources 25 13 Assignment includes an APA Reference Page citing research sources 12.5 14 Quotations are introduced, long quotes proper format, & not excessive 12.5 General APA 25 16 Proper in text citations (present where necessary, APA format) 5 17 One inch margins (on L and R sides; don`t even/fix R margin) 5 18 There is no additional space between paragraphs 5 19 Proper indenting and paragraph length 5 20 Font size and style are correct (Times New Roman, 12 point font) 5 Total Points 250
HOW PARENTS CAN RAISE THEIR KIDS GOD`S WAY Name:Grade Course:Tutor`s Name: (08, October, 2010) 00011393How Parents Can Raise Their Kids God`s WayAbstractParents and those having the desire of being parents strive and dream of having kids that are obedient, respectful, trustworthy, God fearing, honest and having accountability for their own moral deeds. Parents also expect their kids to a stronger view of themselves and that of others among other virtues. This notion though can be stimulated from other quota, Ephesians 6:1-4 is strongly attributed to the idea of raising kids in the path of the Lord, “… honor your father and mother…that you may live long in the land. Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger but bring them up in the discipline and instructions of the Lord” Therefore, this paper looks forward in bringing to light how kids can be brought up in the Lord`s way and the benefits that accrue when parents bring up their kids in God`s way. IntroductionAfter God created the first man Adam, he thought it is not wise for him to be lonely and decided to make a helper, a wife – Eve for him. In Genesis 1:28, “… God blessed them, and said unto them, be fruitful and multiply.” This obviously follows that the Lord did not want his creation to be stagnant. Following that, man was given the responsibility of taking care of all things on the earth. Under this accord, it is also stipulated that children are supposed to be taken care of, and brought up following God`s instructions. This is because according to the Bible, children are supposed to obey and honor their parents; this is the only commandment with a promise attached, (Malkmus, 2010).According to Kathi & Simonds (1995), kids are the greatest challenge as well as a greatest mission for parents, teachers as well as all those who interact with them at whatever stage of their development and growth. Having the knowledge of two distinct issues that surrounds human nature, which are the worldly and Godly things, there is need for parents to choose which way to raise their kids. Humans especially parents remain confused on what to do so that they counter the evil forces that challenge parents as well as their kids.Research has shown that a larger proportion of parents have traditionally relied on other institutions or persons such as schools (teachers), religion (spiritual leaders) and even other organizations (child day cares) to instill virtues and convey values to their children. However, for this to be reinstated well, it is advisable that parents effect these (God`s instructions) guidelines to their children, as it is more effective and successful. Majority of parents assume that their kids will follow foot by foot to all those things that are necessary for them to be successful in life. This notion has been shown to yield no or very minimal results, since most kids do not meet their parents expectation. This follows the saying articulating that, those who are not taught by ...

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Raising Kids God`s Way Raising Kids God`s Way
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