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Puritan Poems

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Puritan Poems

Puritan Poems


Write in at least 12 lines with Iambic Pentameter; Have a puritan thesis;

Strict rhyme scheme

Strict iambs


Old fashioned, but simple language


Religious God is in charge

everyday life,

relationships- family

simple joys/sorrow

proper puritan ending(positive,optimistic )


I wrote something myself, it may helps

My heart was dead when we board on boat. 

I light a lantern but can’t see the way.

The stars and moon in the fair lake. 

My wife and daughter far from the distance,

As the stars in the lake but never able to catch.

If ever I dead in the brutal battle,

I prize another man to love my wife. 

The rewards from heaven will bless on my family,

My external body has gone away;

but internal body will last forever!


Puritan Poems Name: Subject: Date of Submission The Lord’s Purpose will Stand If the


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Puritan Poems Puritan Poems
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