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PSC 405 Spring 2017: Some Forms of Organized Crime

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PSC 405 Spring 2017: Some Forms of Organized Crime

PSC 405 Spring 2017: Some Forms of Organized Crime


this is an analytical paper. The paper requires to use a book "organized crime: analyzing illegal activities, Criminal Structures, and extra-legal governance" by Von Lampe (ISBN 978-1-4522-0350-8).

Also, I want every page has 1-2 grammar errors.
All sources come from the book that you read. Thank you so much






Organized Crime

Across the globe, every other country is struggling with some form of organized crime. To understand organized crime, it is crucial to consider predatory crimes as well as the distribution and sale of goods and services that are highly prohibited such as child pornography, highly taxed, such as cigars and cigarettes along with what is considerably highly regulated such as marijuana, coke and meth among others (Lampe, Klaus von). In some of the cases there are services such as prostitution and human trafficking among others which are illegal in some parts of the world. These are all products and services that are prohibited by the government in one way or the other. As such, persons that find ways to bring them to the clients in the society are considered criminals. There are quite a number of moving parts that form organized crime groups as they have to get the raw materials, manufacture, smuggling, move and distribute their products right under the watchful eyes of the law enforcement agencies such as the local police and the specialized units such as the Drugs Enforcement Agency. What is illegal in one country may be legal in another, as different countries use different standards when it comes to assessing and enforcing drug regulations. At the same time, most of the laws on illegality of products and services tend to change over time. What is considered illegal today,...

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PSC 405 Spring 2017: Some Forms of Organized Crime PSC 405 Spring 2017: Some Forms of Organized Crime
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