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Progress Report

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Progress Report

Progress Report

My progress report of this week concerns primarily the work on my Chapter 2, which is the literature review for my planned study on the impact of parental substance abuse on the neuropsychological functioning, stress, and personality disorders of children. I have been working on the task over one week so far, and as I can see, I am moving swiftly in full adherence with the initially estimated timeline of the chapter’s completion. I conducted the preliminary literature search across a number of healthcare and mental health databases in search for useful, relevant, and recent materials on the theoretical justification of my proposed study. I started from the theoretical framework, since I found it an important starting point for my further research. Understanding the subject conceptually and seeing how variables are related became a strong foundation for my further research. Hence, I coped with the theoretical framework and theoretical perspective within one week and proceeded to deeper literature search on the outcomes of substance abuse of parents on children’s health and well-being.

The theory I selected and followed in this review are the biological systems theory of Urie Bronfenbrenner and his PPCT model for explaining environmental components determining the child’s well-being. After a comprehensive review of theoretical approaches, I presented the historical evolution of parental substance abuse research within the 20th and 21st centuries to come up to a more grounded and historically informed discussion of current research in the field. So far, I have compiled a set of sources for analysis of each type of health outcome for children of substance users (I delineated the physical and mental health, personality and cognitive development as major domains of interest), but I am still in the process of collecting literature to make my literature review indeed comprehensive and optimally embracing the existing body of empirical evidence on the subject.

Assessment of my current progress in project’s completion shows that the primary objective for the coming two weeks for me is a successful completion of chapter 2. I am planning to work through the types of outcomes for children of substance users and to identify research gaps. Meanwhile, I am also getting ready for further work on Chapter 3, and the major issue for me to resolve before the New Year is to find the study site and make all necessary arrangements to gain approval and permission for holding the study there. 

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Progress Report Progress Report
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