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[Solved] Professor `status` in China

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[Solved] Professor `status` in China

Professor `status` in China

* Write about the status of professors in China. (continue off the uploaded paper) *Terms of academic in China * define status in 1)salary 2)scarcity 3)entry 4)law (past and now) 5)influences 6)...etc * All sources must be in electronic, can have a couple books..
PROFESSOR STATUS IN THE US AND CHINA Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission The culture of Chinese has deeply engrained dedication to learning its citizenry by placing high premium on books learning and formal education than other civilizations. Education in china was placed as a path to government career since they were determined to bureaucratic appointment, a path to prestige and authority by enabling men of humble birth to rise to the top. This is unlike in the US because leaders wished to develop well-rounded citizens but there were other who advocated for more practical goals of learning modern science and technology to reform the country in countering western imperialism (Mohrman, Geng, & Wang, 2011). Attaining the status of a Professor, one must sustain a distinguished track record of scholarly achievement within one university and academic discipline to be promoted from an associate professor. The position of professor is usually tenured but not for private and church affiliated institutions (BISO, 2010). The status of a professor is the highest of the standard academic ranks with advancement past the rank of professor involves administrative duties. There is no mandatory retirement age in this occupation and full professor in the US is around 55 years with only few people attains the position before attaining that age. Full professor earn on average 70% more than the associate professor in the same institution but those in private institutions earn less (Kim, 2012). Promotion of professors comes with increased administrative responsibilities, which sometime reduces teaching or research expectation. The salaries of education professor in the US and that of china differ significantly in that a professor in china is among the lowest earners (Jaschic, 2012). Compensation of professors in the US in addition to those in senior levels have higher earning in terms of average faculty salaries based on purchasing power. The US has been ranked in the fourth position globally in regard to professor compensation (Mohrman, Geng, & Wang, 2011). Studies regarding faculty compensation have indicated that there is a wide comparison with the highest salaries being paid in western developed nations. The research which employed the methodology based on the “purchasing power parity index” (PPP) where the salaries reflected what it takes to purchase similar products in different countries (Jaschic, 2012). This enabled countries with relatively low salaries in pure finance and with low cost of living to be competitive with countries whose base salary is much higher. The comparison using PPP made it possible for countries such as South Africa to appear above the US (Guttenplan, 2012). The numbers used were based on full time position while excluding the adjuncts and this made the comparative position of the US higher while China fared poorly in the comparison of the study (Jaschik, 2013). Research has indicated that there is an increa...

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[Solved] Professor `status` in China [Solved] Professor `status` in China
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