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[Solved]Professional Code of Conduct

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[Solved]Professional Code of Conduct

Professional Code of Conduct

Topic: Professional Code of Conduct These are the instruction of my professor: Using their respective professional code of conduct, students will develop a 5 page paper identifying the principles of ethics contained within their Code. They will write, in their own words, what their responsibilities towards their patients are from an ethical perspective and will indicate any conflict of interest. If applicable, the student will describe what procedures are already in place in their workplace to handle ethical conflict. If no procedures are in place, the students may suggest how such procedures may be set up. submit your essay at www.turnitin.com. Some more Instructions: 1. Find the professional code of ethics at your workplace. This will work if you are employed in a healthcare setting. All hospitals and medical centers have a code of ethics. If it is difficult for you to locate this, then use the code of ethics for the profession which you will be entering, in most of your cases: nursing or vascular sonography. The American Nurses Association code can be found at their website. 2. A word about academic honesty: I will not tolerate plagiarism. I use turnitin.com, which searches thousands of websites and papers. Use APA style and make sure you are citing everything that is not your own. Even if you paraphrase somebody else`s words, you still have to tell me where you got the information from, so give me the author and year (Smith, 2003) in in-text citations. If you copy even a sentence from another source and do not cite it correctly, you will receive a failing grade on the assignment. - 5 pages double-spaced pages, excluding bibliographic references, for the midterm. GRADING OF MID-TERM PAPER Analysis of Principles & Foundations of Professional Code Identification of the principles upon which the code is built Explanation of each principle and how it applies to the profession Quality of Discussion and Analysis Demonstrates Logical Thoughts and provides clear explanation of role and responsibilities towards patients. Demonstrates thorough understanding of code of ethics, its strengths and limitations Provides concrete examples to illustrate points brought up, provides clear analysis of current procedures within the workplace, or provides adequate suggestions to set up procedures. Manuscript Preparation: The manuscript shall be typewritten double-spaced with 1" margins on all four sides. The pages are to be numbered consecutively, beginning with the first page of text. The font for the type should be no larger than 12 point and in Times New Roman font style. Thank you for everything, I appreciated this service. Eduardo rojo
Running head: PROFESSIONAL CODENursing Professional Code of Conduct Name:University:Course:Tutor:Date:AbstractNurses require ethics in order to operate professionally as nurses or else they are bound to make mistakes that could harm their profession and those they serve. American Nursing Association (2001) Code provides the basic guiding principles that are to be followed by nurses in order with the view of instilling professionalism in nursing-defining nursing as such. Nurses must respect individual autonomy and dignity, respect the autonomy of every one, put the patient`s interest at heart, treat everyone respectfully, commit themselves to bettering their social and physical working environment and engage in other activities that are geared towards improving the health status of the society at large. Nurses who adhere to this code will be able work well through medical and professional dilemmas that nurses are engulfed in and help separate wheat from chuff in decision making that involves nurses, community, patients and their respective interests. Ethic, in general, are guiding principles that form the basis for decision making with respect to right and wrong choices. Nursing as a profession is guided a professional code of conduct (ethics). The aim of this Code is to bring order, uniformity in the nursing profession so that nurses work as if they are reading from the same scripture. Professional code or ethical guidelines outline the basic elements of character of a nurse. They instill professionalism. According to Crigger and Geofrey (2011), professionalism is understood as qualities of an individual that enable that individual to be distinguished as a professional and, in nursing, as a professional (p. xiv). This means the Code is there to instill a professional character in someone who claims to be a nurse. A strict observer of this Code is regarded as a professional nurse. In Nursing American Nurses Association (ANA) has formulated the nurse`s code of ethics that helps to do just that. The paper discusses some of the ways that professionalism in nursing can be attained as per the ANA (2001) Code. How Can Nurses Operate Professionally?Nurses are expected to respect human dignity, the inherent worth, human rights and uniqueness of every individual irrespective of their economic or social status (ANA, 2001, p. 3). Human dignity cannot be valued in any intrinsic measures of value. Human beings are supreme creatures with indefinable worth. No ne can claim to know the exact value of a twelve months old child and so is a ninety year grandfather. In this regard a nurse is expected to treat a fellow human being, a patient with all the respect for their dignity and not on how much that person has in the bank. A nurse cannot for example pour water on a patient who has relieved himself in the clothes in the name of washing that person. One is not also expected to abuse the patient for not taking medication or breaking a water tumbler it is understan...

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[Solved]Professional Code of Conduct [Solved]Professional Code of Conduct
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