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procurement and vendor management

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procurement and vendor management

IT Procurement and Vendor Management 2017 Assignment 3 – Short Answers and Case Study Report (Individual) V1.0 The third assignment consists of two parts: • Part 1 – Short Answers (1000 words) • Part 2 – Case Study Report (2000 words) PART 1 Answer 10 questions from the list of questions below (approx. 100 words each). You may use the course lecture slides, recommended course text book and other academic sources for your research if required. Non-academic (e.g. Wikipedia) references will be penalised. 1. Explain the 4 processes of ‘Project Procurement Management’ (according to PMBoK 5th ed). 2. Explain the 4 components of an ‘enforceable contract’. 3. Explain the 3 necessary components of an ‘offer’. 4. Discuss independent vs. dependent demand. 5. Explain 3 practices that are essential for a JIT (just-in-time) implementation. 6. Explain some hidden costs of outsourcing. 7. Explain the 4 behavioural dimensions of supply chain relationship management. 8. Explain the Linear Averaging method of supplier evaluation. 9. What is Total Quality Management (TQM)? 10. Explain the DMAIC process of Six Sigma. 11. Explain 4 psychological factors that may affect bargaining. 12. From a buyer’s perspective, explain some key differences between buying services and buying products. PART 2 1Societies and governments are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of the use of IT equipment on the environment, especially in terms of energy efficiency, emissions reduction and toxic waste reduction (used phones, toners etc.). Modern organisations are moving towards a more sustainable and ‘Green’ use of Information Technology. Procurement function plays a vital role in organisational approach to Green and Sustainable IT. Your task for assignment 3 is to identify at least 3 case studies / journal articles that discuss sustainable and / or Green IT purchasing (procurement) practices and address the below as a case study report: • Summarise a few Green and Sustainable IT Procurement practices. • Analyse how sustainable IT procurement can positively contribute to the ‘bottom line’ (i.e. RoI) of the organisation of a specific industry sector of your choice. • Primarily focussing on equipment acquisitions and disposals, develop a high level Green / Sustainable IT Procurement Guideline / Policy for your chosen industry sector. The report at a minimum should include the following sections: • Executive Summary • Green IT / Sustainable IT Procurement Practices • Green / Sustainable IT Procurement’s contribution to the bottom-line • Green / Sustainable IT Procurement Guideline • References Formatting: The report must follow the following formatting style guides: • A4 sized paper; • Arial or Calibri font; • Font size 10 or 12 – For main text body and TOC • Font size 14 – For headings • Single line spacing and one line between paragraphs. Part 2 of the assignment is a case study report. Ensure that the report discusses and explains the concepts with supporting evidence / references. It is also expected the report will include 6-10 references from varied sources. Non-academic references may comprise a maximum of 50% of the references for the part 2 of the assignment. As it is an academic assessment, the Harvard referencing system must be adhered to. 1 Cater-Steel, A Tan, W 2011, The Role of IT Service Management in Green IT, Australasian Journal of Information Systems, vol 17(1). Submission Details: All assignments must use an Assignment cover sheet that is available either from your Course homepage or the myUniSA portal. Due Date: 15 June 2017, 11:59 PM Assessment Feedback: Feedback on assignments will be provided two to three weeks after submission. Feedback will be available through the course webpage using the gradebook system. Marking Scheme Guideline (100 Marks – 40% course grade): – [30 Marks] Part 1 (3 marks per correct answer x 10 answers). – [10 Marks] Executive summary – is a summarisation of the entire report. – [15 Marks] Green IT Procurement Practices – are reasonable and valid practices in the industry. Supported by evidence. – [15 Marks] How Green IT Procurement contributes to organisational bottom-line is discussed clearly. Critical analysis, thinking and creativity are evident. – [15 Marks] Green IT Procurement Guideline – is well developed and is pragmatic. Emphasis on equipment acquisitions and disposals is clear and is relevant to the chosen industry sector. Analysed critically and is creative. – [10 Marks] Formatting guidelines are adhered to and the references are relevant, valid and uses Harvard referencing style. More than 50% of the quoted references are valid academic references – [05 Marks] Workshop and Weekly Forum participation (For external students – Forum participation only)

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procurement and vendor management procurement and vendor management
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