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[Solved]Proactive Health: Diabetes and the New York Population

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[Solved]Proactive Health: Diabetes and the New York Population

Proactive Health: Diabetes and the New York Population


Proactive Health Communication Plan
Through the use of scholarly formats and multimedia, the student will create a Proactive
Health Communication Plan for a geographic county or state. [Students may use the same
geographic area for the sleuthing journal assignment.]
Select a county to analyze from the Community Health Indicators web site:
Based on your analysis:
Describe a subpopulation in the geographic area that is considered at risk
Describe, in detail, a health risks associated with that population. These can
be health promotion or health risk and crisis issues.
Apply a health communication concept or theory to the selected issue.
Develop a multimedia health promotion or crisis communication campaign to
address the issue. Incorporate the use of new media tools to reach the
subpopulation with appropriate health information




Institutional Affiliation:

Proactive Health Communication Plan


Health communication is considered to encompass the use of communication strategies in informing and influencing community and individual decision in enhancing their health. Communication plans, therefore, link the domains of communication and health and remain increasingly essential elements of efforts aimed at improving public and personal health. Health communication contributes to all aspects designed to preventing diseases and health promotion approaches. In this case, individuals need to consider that an effective health communication approach helps in raising awareness of health risks and solutions, hence providing the skills and motivation required for reducing the risks associated with diseases and establishing effective methods of empowering communities in managing health risks (Ballard & Dymond, 2016). Health communication also increases the demand for efficient health services and decreases the demand for inappropriate health services. This paper explores the element of proactive health communication plans in a bid to address the health risks associated with a population detailed. On the other hand, the paper will apply a health communication theory to address the selected issue.

Diabetes and the New York Population

New York City is one of the largest citi...

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[Solved]Proactive Health: Diabetes and the New York Population [Solved]Proactive Health: Diabetes and the New York Population
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