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Privacy and Security measures

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Privacy and Security measures

Privacy and Security measures

In preparation for your Informative Speech, be sure that you have read ALL the documents on the course website, that relate to Informative Speaking, AND all the assigned chapters in your text. In particular, Chapter 5 or 11 (Oral Presentations) of your textbook are specific to this assignment. Briefly, each student`s speech is to be 4-5 minutes long on a topic that (a) relates to your department`s business function, and (b) interests you. Be sure to CREDIT YOUR SOURCE(S) and follow all other directions, including having a visual aid. Refer to the course Visual Aid policy (in your syllabus) for requirements (remember, Powerpoint is not allowed on any speech other than Chapter Training, when it is required). Should you require equipment other than a standard overhead projector for visual aid support, you must advise your instructor NO LESS THAN 3 days in advance of your speech. Refer to the following chapters, Business Tools, Get Started Tools as well as Research Tools , which explain the functions of all the departments AND provide excellent online and print resources for possible speech topics. Remember, this is a mock organization, and the audience for your Informative speech is comprised of other department members of the same organization (internal audience), known as SCC. You are allowed to make up information regarding SCC (i.e. location of office, number of employees, financial stability, etc.) You cannot, however, change the organization`s structure (department listings), CEO, or the nature of SCC`s business. Your Informative speech is an INDIVIDUAL speech grade, even if your department decides to split one large topic into portions for presentation.** Be sure to coordinate with your department members so no two students within your department speak on the same topic (unless, again, you are splitting one large topic into portions). A student loses points if he/she exceeds 5 1/2 minutes or doesn`t speak at least 3 1/2 minutes. Your instructor will STOP you if you reach 7 minutes, so REHEARSE to meet your time parameters! You will be allowed to use one 3x5 inch note card for your presentation. Refer to Evaluation Tools (Informative Speech Evaluation Form) for more specific and detailed information on how you will be evaluated by your instructor. You will be responsible for bringing to class your speech evaluation form on the day that you speak, either copying from this Toolbox or downloading and printing from the course website. You will also be completing a PEER evaluation of another speaker in your branch (class). Peer evaluations are explained in detail in Assignment Tools. ** To clarify, the 30-minute maximum referred to in other course information is the MOST that the LARGEST departments may speak for any set of speeches. To explain, departments have varying numbers of students in them, maximum 6 members. If a department has 6 members, then EACH STUDENT would speak for 5 minutes, bringing the TOTAL for that department to 30 minutes. A department with, say, 4 members would have a maximum of 20 minutes, based on each speaker`s required 5 minutes.
PRIVACY AND SECURITY MEASURESNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionPrivacy and security measuresHello ladies and gentlemen, as you know most of these media guys refer to me as “privacy guardian” but it is clearly that all of us deserve the same name. It is very clear that privacy advocates to realizing that good security is absolutely critical to good privacy. Moreover, when the issue of security declines, the privacy of potentially millions of people is actually at risk. Therefore today I want to emphasize that all of us have a job of making...

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Privacy and Security measures Privacy and Security measures
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