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[Solved]Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Coursework

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[Solved]Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Coursework

Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Coursework


Primary Care Provider Shortage Proposal Rubric and Instructions (Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4) Through an-in-depth review of the current healthcare environment and the coming reforms, students will develop an 8-10 page proposed solution to the shortage of primary care providers. Students may approach the issue from an operations, resource management, or health policy perspective. Components of the Proposal The following seven components are the basis for grading this assignment. Students will submit in LiveText. 1. Executive Summary: This should be a short summary (approx. 150 words) of the proposal and its recommendations. It should be on a single sheet following the title page. You need not go into any mention of how you conducted your analysis and/or what you`re basing your conclusion on. Instead, begin with a concise statement of the conclusion(s) you reached that are further elaborated on in the paper. 2. Organization Information: Your proposal is from one organization to another. Do not propose as an individual. In Week 2, we will explore different perspectives on the primary care provider shortage. Step one is to determine whom you represent and to whom you are proposing solutions. They can be the same organization or different ones. For example, you may be the business manager of a medical group making an internal proposal to physician owners; a policy institute submitting a brief to a legislator; or a nurse practitioner proposing a “fast track” program for the hospital ER. Describe the organizations briefly. 3. Background (for the selected perspective): Include only the essential facts that your decision maker “needs to know” to understand the context of the problem from the perspective you have chosen. Assume that you have been hired to filter through reams of information on behalf of a very busy and sleep-deprived person. Be clear, precise, and succinct. 4. Statement of Need: In this section, present the results of your research into the issue based on the perspective/organization(s) you have selected. Determine the scope of your focus, for example a geographic area, economic level, and/or ethnic group. Discuss problems faced in addressing the identified needs and any previous actions taken to deal with this need. Identify potential opportunities for implementing change. 5. Proposed Plan: Based on your statement of need, outline your proposed solution. Touch on: 1) goals and objectives; 2) plans and activities; 3) required resources, and 4) a timeline. A detailed budget would be part of a “real world” proposal, but for this requirement, a general discussion of resources will do. 6. Project Evaluation: Detail by what measures you will evaluate the effectiveness of your proposal. Include 3-5 measurable outcomes in your evaluation methodology. 7. Sources Consulted or Recommended: Aside from standard books and articles, on-line sources and personal interviews may be cited. Please see me if you have any questions about the acceptability of your research materials. There is no mandated number of resources. Cite your sources in the body of the proposal and in a list at the end using APA 6th edition formatting.


Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Student: Professor: Institution: Course Title: Date: Executive summary The current and predicted future trends for the shortage of primary care providers, which is and will be instigated by the Affordable Care Act, and the increasing population of the nation dependant on primary care, portray a diminishing steady drop in the number of primary care providers. This continues to create a gap between the demand of the population for primary care services and the capability of primary care providers to deliver quality primary care that would meet the demand. Primary care capacity can be increased through augmenting the prevailing primary care capacity and also increasing the number of primary care providers. The former can be done through assigning and coming up with new primary care responsibilities and roles, which include; incorporating the population health as part of the primary care practice; empowering licensed health practitioners; including and assigning some roles to registered nurses and pharmacists; generating a standing order for non-licensed health practitioners; amassing the potential for more patient self-care, and harnessing technology to add towards capacity. The numbers of primary care providers can be increased through changing the views on primary care to not only reflect greater reward and respectable income, but also prestige. This could boost the capacity of students interested in bec...


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[Solved]Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Coursework [Solved]Primary Care Providers Shortage Proposal Coursework
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