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Notes on criteria:

  1. Speaker appearance and other first impressions:
  • Appropriate standard of dress for the occasion (tidy and free of distracting features)
  • First impression was one of confidence and poise
  • Speakers appeared confident and purposeful before starting to speak
  • Speakers attracted audience’s attention from the outset
  • Little or no fidgeting and few distracting mannerisms


  1. Presentation structure
  • Introduction,
  • Title/topic made clear
  • Purpose of the presentation clear
  • Organisational framework made known to audience
  • Unusual terms defined adequately
  • Body of presentation,
  • Main points stated clearly
  • Sufficient information and detail provided
  • Sufficient periodic recapitulation
  • Appropriate and adequate use of examples/anecdotes
  • Correspondence of presentation content to introductory framework
  • Discussion flowed logically
  • Conclusion,
  • Ending of presentation signalled adequately
  • Main points summarised adequately/ideas brought to fruition
  • Conclusion linked to opening
  • Final message is clear and easy to remember
  • Reference list (if appropriate)


  1. Coping with questions/facilitating the discussion
  • Invited audience to ask questions
  • Whole audience searched for questions
  • Ability to listen
  • Questions answered in order
  • Questions handled adeptly
  • Full audience addressed with answers
  • Speaker maintained control of discussion


  1. Delivery
  • Speech clear and audible to entire audience
  • Suitable vocabulary (few clichés, little jargon and repetition)
  • Interesting variety in tone of voice
  • Clarity and quality of pronunciation
  • Little false or excessive use of spoken emphasis
  • Short comprehensible sentences
  • Presentation directed to all parts of audience
  • Eye contact held with audience throughout the presentation
  • Meaningful gestures appropriately used
  • Full text not read
  • Speaker kept to time limit (start on time and finish within the time frame)
  • Good use of time without rushing at the end
  • Pace neither too fast or too slow
  • Showed enthusiasm
  • Audience rapport (eg approachable)


  1. Visual aids and handouts
  • Visual aids clearly visible to entire audience
  • Overhead/slide projector/computer etc operated correctly
  • Speaker familiar with own visual aids (eg OHPs, blackboard diagrams)
  • Visual aids well-prepared
  • Effective use of handouts and/or visual aids (i.e. integrated into the presentation)
  • Handouts well-prepared and useful


  1. Target and audience
  • Greet the audience courteously
  • Presentation met level of knowledge for audience
  • Acknowledgment of variations in audience understanding
  • Presentation met need for knowledge of audience


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