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This paper revolves around Systems design and development, you are required to submit a design of a website while completing all the mentioned task using the same case study provided to you on Moodle.

The tasks

Assignment 2 is in continuation of Assignment 1. There are two types of tasks, namely tasks for a written assessmentand tasks for a presentation with details below.

The Written Assessment  (i.e. The Report):

You need to submit a design of a website. You are to complete the following tasks using the same case study provided to you (also used for assignment 1) on Moodle

  1. Find out all Critical Use Cases
  2. Draw a Context Level diagram.
  3. Draw a Level 0 data flow diagram depicting all the business process description provided.
  4. Draw an ERD showing all required entities and its relationships.
  5. Draw a CRUD table.
  6. Provide a prototype of website design and architecture you have developed based on the case study.
  7. Details of individual group members contribution towards the development of the project.

The Presentation:

During Week 11, there will be a presentation based on the case study and the tasks you have performed.

Each group will have 15 minutes to present your project development. The presentation has to use not more than 10 slides. Marks will be given for the following qualities demonstrated during the presentation:

Stay on Topic

  • The presentation is well-focused on the topic and does not go on tangents. Marks will be lost for spending too much time on non-related material.

Fulfil requirements of topic

  • The delivered contents have met the requirements of the chosen topic. Marks are given for demonstrating that all aspects of the topic are covered.

Slide Style

  • Effectively use text, images, videos and other resources to create an impactful presentation.

Presentation style

  • The presenter is confident in speaking; attracting interests, keeping eyes contact, interacting with audience, capturing attention, etc.


The Report (Important: The report makes up 100 marks - scaled to 30%)

You will produce a report that aims to explain your systems analysis results as per the layout and submission guidelines mentioned below.

Report Layout and Submission Guidelines

COIT 20248 Assessment 2 report for Systems Design and Developmentshould be organised using the following headings and guidelines.

There is no set limit to the word count in each section however students are advised to observe the word count in each section when developing the report.

  • Title Cover Page with clear details of course title/name, student number/name, lecturer & tutor
  • Introduction
  • Introduction must clearly define the aims of the report.
  • Introduction must identify the project objectives.
  • Critical Use Cases
  • Read through the case study and identify all critical use cases and draw a use case diagram. Must remember how to show boundaries. You need to identify the Actors in the Case Study and identify the goals of the actors. Use cases describe the functionality required of the system in order for actors to achieve their goals.
  • Context Level diagram
  • Context Level Diagram shows the system under consideration as a single high-level process and then shows the relationship that the system has with other external entities (systems, organizational groups, external data stores, etc.). An Example is
  • Level 0 Data Flow Diagram (DFD)
  • While drawing DFD do not change input and output from the system in consideration.
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
  • An ERD is composed of entity types and specifies relationships that can exist between instances of those entity types. Show all cardinalities and relationship between entities drawn.
  • CRUD Table
  • Construct CRUD table as a two-dimensional table, with one row for each data entity and one column for each business function or process.Use data entities identified on an Entity-Relationship Diagram and business functions or processes identified on a Function Chart.At the intersection of each data entity and process, indicate the relationship using the following codes: 
  • C - Creates,
  • R - Reads,
  • U - Updates,
  • D - Deletes.

 Note that there can be more than one relationship between a process and an entity.  For example: 

Process Entity

Entity 1

Process A


This example indicates that Process A creates, reads, updates, and deletes Entity 1.


  • Provide a prototype of website design and architecture you have developed based on the case study
  • You can use any tool to develop prototype design. Justification of using the tool should be provided. Recommendation is not to copy images from website, if you are, please don’t forget to reference and acknowledge it in your reference.


  • Details of individual group members’ contribution towards the development of the project.
  • Please provide details of who has done what. You can draw a table and show the contribution. The contribution should relate to the executed planned tasks as in your work breakdown structure. A brief description of justifying the role is required.


  • Reflections and Conclusions *about 100 words
  • Present your reflections about this project (e.g. achievement and constraints).
  • Provide a brief summary of your findings
  • References (must complete by showing all references with their related in-text citations)

Note: There is no recommended word length in each section in the report to be used. Students are required to use their judgement on it.


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