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Pproject Management: Risk Assessment in Global Projects

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Pproject Management: Risk Assessment in Global Projects

Pproject Management: Risk Assessment in Global Projects


Topic: Risk Assessments in Global Project
Because it is imperative as a project manager to understand the concepts related to project management topics, you will create an annotated bibliography. Your annotated bibliography should include at least 10 scholarly, empirical, current sources (within the last 3 years) that are directly related to your project management topic. Be sure that you select a variety of respected sources. Format the annotated bibliography in correct APA style.


Risk Assessment in global projects Student’s name Institutional affiliation Risk Assessments in Global Project Stanleigh, Michael. (2015). Risk Management…the What, Why, and How;bia.ca.  HYPERLINK "https://bia.ca/risk-management-the-what-why-and-how/" https://bia.ca/risk-management-the-what-why-and-how/ Michael Stoneleigh defines risk assessment as a process of quality problem solving. In his article, Michael gives steps for risk assessment that include risk identification, risk assessment; risk response and risk prevent measures. According to this article, the identification of risk involves brainstorming. During the brainstorming stage the management should identify potential risks that can occur in the company. After identification, Michael states that the risks should then be prioritized and categorized. According to Michael (2016), risks that have higher probability of occurring and risks that have higher impacts should first be managed. The second step in risk assessment as per this article is risk assessment. The author states that the cause of the risk and its impact on the project should be analyzed. Third, responses to the risk should be formed. This article states that preventive measure should then be laid down to reduce the likelihood of the risk occurring. McLaughlin, John., Ocock, Michael,. & Trebes, Barry. (2015). Global Risk Assessment and Strategic Planning: An introduction and facilitator`s guide to the GRASP methodology Glo...

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Pproject Management: Risk Assessment in Global Projects Pproject Management: Risk Assessment in Global Projects
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