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Pow-Wow Dance

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Pow-Wow Dance

Pow-Wow Dance


Please watch the video and write a full page about the movie and the significance of the pow -wow dance including the meaning of the dance as related to the First Nations. Please write about the regalia and what each represents. 

You should begin by providing relevant information such as the date, location and notable details of the event’s structure. You should also include your observations about peoples’ interactions and/or any cultural significance or meaning of the event which is discernible to you. Finally, you should be sure to link this event in some way to any course material you have taken to date. Please see modules attached.

This assignment does not follow formal essay requirements so there is no thesis, etc. required.

Students may also use first person (I saw …/ I attended …, etc.) in this assignment. However, effective sentence structure, proper grammar, punctuation and syntax, will remain important

expectations [same spacing, margins, font as other papers].

Additionally, you will also be graded on your ability to make insightful observations about the event and/or to link any relevant aspects to course material in a meaningful way.

The video can be found in the link below. 



Powwow Dance Powwow dance is synonymous with the aboriginal people during celebratory events. The dance is such a way that as the drum is being played, any individual is at liberty o


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Pow-Wow Dance Pow-Wow Dance
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