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Positive Thinking and Meaning of Life

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Positive Thinking and Meaning of Life

Positive Thinking and Meaning of Life

I want research paper on positive thinking and meaning of life. In class, we watched movie about `The Secret` by Rhonda Byrne, we read book `The Hidden Messages in Water` by Masaru Emoto, we read `Man`s Search for Meaning` by Viktor Frankl, we watched movie `Life is Beautiful` by Roberto Benigni, we read `The Diving Bell and the Butterfly` by Jean-Dominique Bauby. So most of those books and movies above have to do with thinking and meaning of life. So, part of the research papers has to includes some of the books and movies above. Also, i want works cited. this paper is really important to me....thanks!
Positive Thinking and Meaning of LifeName:Course:Professor Name:(August 04, 2012).Positive Thinking and Meaning of LifeIntroduction Positive thinking according to researchers is a mental state that is governed by the attitude. This is critical in articulating words, thoughts and images that transpires expansion, success and growth. It has been noted that positive minds gears at joy, health, happiness and successful life. The mind searches what it expects in bringing a meaning to life (Benigni, 1997). I enrolled for professional management accountancy course and I knew it was tough, proceeding to the next stage called for exams for the next eighteen stages. I switched my mind to ultra positive thinking mode focusing on A`s only. The end results bore sixteen A`s and two B`s, proving that positive thinking was part of the success in the professional examinations.Main Body Life is beautiful tells a story of Jewish Italian helping his family in Nazi concentration camp. The film indicates that Benigni`s father had survived internment for three years at the concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen. The survival film revolves on the power of positive thinking. Guido was committed to marrying Dora, an issue that caused drama at the engagement party to another man, despite many challenges. A son is born called Giosue who later recalls the contributions done by Guido in sacrificing for the sake of the family (Benigni, 1997). Positive thinking requires people to ignore the negative thoughts that are displayed by other people. Thinking positively is a personal choice that is not subject to external influences as observed in Benigni. Imaginations are important in visualizing the beneficial and favorable situations. To attain to a desired position, people must create a mental picture and then work towards the picture. Positive thinking calls for applying positive words when talking w...

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Positive Thinking and Meaning of Life Positive Thinking and Meaning of Life
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