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[Solved] Population Policy (Birth Control) Causes and Effects

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[Solved] Population Policy (Birth Control) Causes and Effects

Population Policy (Birth Control) Causes and Effects

first you need to tell me the source Evaluation. I will attach a file that you need to tell me where you get that sources, who is the author, etc.Please answer all of them. Just a Brief summary of those sources that you will you used for my research and Please finish it before 15 Oct(just for source evaluation not the whole research)(12 sources). Thank you for your help. I will attach file about the detail of research paper. Please used 1-2 sources from this website http://library.cqpress.com/cqresearcher/#.UlihlFBLMfE Feel free to contact me if you have any question. The Research Paper Your final paper is worth 33% of your grade. It is the capstone of the class. In it, you should demonstrate your ability to step through the meticulous processes that make for a satisfying quest for real information. The process can be painful, but it`s all about practice. You will undoubtedly have to write research papers in college, and you probably already research many things in your life or at work: What is the best station wagon for us? How can our company reduce paper costs? Who is really the best candidate in an election? As we walk though the elements that make up a good research paper, I hope you can take away some useful writing processes for future work. Other documents in Course Information describe some of the things you`ll do to build the paper. These things include: • Topic choice • Evaluating sources • Freewriting • Annotated bibliography • Topic outline • Rough draft Throughout, you will work together and help each other through peer reviews and edits, practicing and honing your revision skills. See http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/658/01/ for an excellent overview of the research paper. This is one of the best sites on the Web (and the oldest) for college writing questions. Scroll through and check it out. Your text also has some excellent chapters in Part 2 that we`ll be working though. For a sample MLA or APA research paper with annotations, see your text and the example posted in Course Information. (However, the bibliography is not annotated.) Plagiarism: If you plagiarize on any assignment you fail the assignment. The second instance means you fail the course. Any plagiarism in the final draft of your paper also means a 0 for the course. There is NO negotiation on this. RUBRICS Basic Requirements:  At least 10 pages of text and no more than 15, not including your bibliography, any graphics, or quotations.  Submitted on time. Late submissions receive a zero, including this paper.  You must have handed in a rough draft. Format While format issues are probably the least important, they can add up fast. For starts, correct Format issues include  Margins  Titles  Headers  Headings  1 space after periods and other end punctuation  Double spacing  Size 12, New Times Roman or any clear font  ½” or 5-space paragraph indents In addition, check in-text citation and bibliography format. Style & Grammar Style here includes basic issues of writing that we don`t cover much in this class. It is assumed that you have covered these previously. Issues include:  Correct punctuation  No fragments, run ons, or comma splices  Correct verb tenses and forms  No spelling errors  Agreement of subjects and verbs, pronouns and antecedents  Correct modifiers (not dangling, misplaced, or adjectives that should be adverbs and vice versa)  Effective parallel structures  Correct capitalization, abbreviation, number use, and other mechanics  Effective transitions and coherence  Formal language rather than slang and correct words  Active voice  Concise writing  Avoiding 1st person  Graceful style avoiding overly long or short sentences. These problems can really add up and take a lot off your grade. If you know you have problems in these areas, get your paper into the writing center before you submit it! If you are unfamiliar with any of these concepts, try a good handbook. Online, you can check out: http://www.grammarly.com/handbook/ http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/1/5/ And there are many more. You also might just pick up a used handbook, but make sure it is not too old! (Nothing older than 2008.) Here are some helpful grammar and style checklists: http://grammar.about.com/od/correctingerrors/a/editchecklist.htm http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/composition/editing.htm (at the bottom of the page) http://www.germanna.edu/tutor/documents/PaperSelf-EditingJuly2012.pdf There are many more of these too. Don`t forget to check Pierce`s tutoring center as well. Content and Organization Of course this is the area that counts the most, and it is the hardest to quantify in terms of points. But here are some things I`ll be looking at:  Length: 10-15 pages, not including your bibliography.  At least 15 sources with annotations that sum them up and assess them.  At least 10 but no more than 20 in-text citations. These don`t have to all be quotations. Use paraphrases as well; these are much more efficient and less difficult to fit into a paper grammatically.  No over long quotes. These and paraphrases must not add up to over 10% of your paper (more than about one page worth). • A focusing introduction with a clear and limiting thesis at the end of it. • Logical and clear organization. • Effective use of supporting evidence. • A clear conclusion that doesn`t just repeat the thesis but extends it a bit with what you have discovered. • All assertions backed with facts and evidence from reputable sources. Comments: If you want responses and comments on your paper, you must send me an email BY THE DUE DATE requesting feedback. Send this email to me at [email protected] Above all: Have some fun and be interesting! Source Evaluations You will evaluate three different kinds of sources that you plan to use for your research paper. These must be real sources that you actually plan to use. Be brief but thorough. First, list the source in correct MLA or APA format. Under it, include the following: 1. Format: What is the format of the source? Book? Reference? Newspaper? Web site? Scholarly journal? Blog? Interview? Is the format appropriate for your paper? Why or why not? 2. Access: How did you find the source? Database? Pierce`s Library? Googling? 3. Author: What are the author`s credentials, experience, reputation? Do these suggest real expertise? Is there contact information? 4. Publisher: Who is it? Who are they? (Traditional? Academic? Government? Self published?) What does the publisher tell you about the source? If it`s a Web site, what does the extension tell you (.net, .org, .gov, .edu, etc.). 5. Purpose: Is the source trying to explain, entertain, or persuade? Sell you something? Who is the intended audience? 6. Accuracy: Is it mostly factual or mostly opinion? Are opinions supported with good evidence? Does it present both sides? Or does it seem biased (politically, religiously, culturally, personally, etc.)? Give specific examples. Does this all add up to a fair and useful presentation? 7. Style: Is the writing correct, scholarly? Or is it very informal, full of mistakes? Is it too simple or too advanced? Give a short example. 8. Currency: When was this source created? Posted or published? Is it outdated or still relevant? Do the links still work? Explain briefly. 9. Peer reviewed: Have other scholars or qualified experts referred to this source? Is it in a peer reviewed journal? 10. Consistency: Is the source consistent with other references on the topic? 11. Bibliography: Is there one in the piece? Is it a good one with reputable sources? Does the author use it to cite sources in the piece? Did the author use primary or secondary sources? Give examples. How was the information obtained (surveys, experiments, personal knowledge, etc.)? 12. Useful: Finally, is the source really relevant for your paper? How are you going to use it? As background or in a more specific way? Does it answer the question you`re asking in the paper? Make sure you answer the questions completely—you either get a 1 or a 0! 36 points (12 per source, 1 for each question)
Name:Instructor:Course:Date:POPULATION CONTROL POLICIESEager, P. W. (2004). Global population policy: From population control to reproductive rights. Aldershot, Hants, England: Ashgate.The book print is very appropriate for the research because of its detailed and comprehensive information. It was easily accessible through googling as well as in database, which provides clear information regarding the author too. Eager, was one and associate Professor of Political Science, Chair of the Department and she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Delaware. She has a great reputation in her experiences of teaching and as an author due to her un-ending passion of research that provides accuracy to information she writes. This shows great expertise as she refers to the source of information and has ensured to indicate her contacts for accessibility purposes. Ashgate Publishing Company is the publisher of this book, meaning its traditional publishing, where it affirms Eager as the author of this book. The study is meant to explain why the population control fails to be the center of global population policy as well as the reason health and reproductive rights has turned into the major focus. The book is aimed at a wider range of audience including those in the field of international relations, development politics and women`s studies. The information given if based on factual evidence with back up from sources, presenting religious, political and cultural aspects. The source was published on the first day of January year two thousand and four and is still relevant to development of other studies that involve global population policy. The book has been reviewed by several scholars and thus approved and is consistent with the other references on the existing topic. The author has used reputable sources through which she obtained information, using one of the most appropriate primary sources like conducting surveys. Zorea, Aharon W. Birth Control. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood, 2012. PrintThe print, which is best, suited for this study and authored by a renowned Professor and Ph.D. holder in Health and Medical Issues, was published by ABC-CLIO, a traditional publisher, has been one of the most beneficial articles for college students` reference. The author`s experiences and education reputation has won him popularity especially in the medical field and thus crediting this research. The book that was published in the year two thousand and twelve is accessible via googling and examines the origins as well as the controversies linked with the birth control in the United States of America and thus enabling to follow the direction even in the other parts of the world. The source explains about the issues concerning access to education regarding, and birth control practice have contributed a great deal in social, religious as well as political debates about the topics as differed as rights of women, federal healthcare funding, physical liability, among ot...

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[Solved] Population Policy (Birth Control) Causes and Effects [Solved] Population Policy (Birth Control) Causes and Effects
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