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Political Documentaries

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Political Documentaries

Political Documentaries

Political documentaries provide a vast amount of information over a broad number of subjects, but can easily be slanted to fit the director`s personal agenda (Left and Right).
Name:University:Tutor:Course:Date:Political DocumentariesPolitical Documentaries have rolled up over these past few years to become the most popular and widely accepted form of documentaries by the general public. They have attracted audiences though many documentaries are considered to be in the realm of popular culture. Furthermore many documentaries take on political themes and as such deserve attention in the media, politics and popular culture (Cogan & Kelso 10). There are many varied reasons for this but the main factor for this kind of popularity lies with globalization and the never ending war on terror. These two issues enhanced public consciousness on what globalization really means (Gecco 2). The fact the staying in the west does not insulate an individual from the life of the people on the other end. This awareness of the fact that a disgruntled individual or group living miles and miles away can cause an imbalance in the way of life has led to people searching for more information on how such a situation came about and how it could affect them or ways in which it could have been prevented. According to Gecco (3) Political documentaries have fit the role of relaying such useful and important information as a piece of media that looks at such issues gives a summary in a manner that the public easily understand instead of the torturous knowledge acquisition from books or other written sources. Basically Political documentaries deal with issues relating to politics such as elections, past and current presidents like the “Unprecedented: The 2000 Election, The Fog of War and Fahrenheit 9/11.In this essay I will address what really are political documentaries, their history and their future as well as some examples of political documentaries..Defining the form of a DocumentaryEstablishing what really constitutes a documentary is really not yet determined. For many years both the creators of documentaries and scholars have debated over what really differentiates documentaries from fictional movies and their conclusions keep changing with time. According to Renov (11) the term documentary involves more or less the artful restructuring of the historical world. The line between documentaries and fictional movies is a blurry one due to the fact that there are similarities in the production of both. For instance there is the reenactment of scenes, added lighting to scenes, rehearsed actions as well as scoring of music in the final film that obviously was not part of the filming process. Furthermore the directors of both categories of films may choose to leave out part of the scenes, decide on the best camera angles and edit the shots. Another major aspect relating to documentaries is the fact that it is hard for an individual who is conscious of being filmed go about with their business assuming they were not being filmed. They would obviously change aspects of their behavior before the cameras. People who appear in documentaries are required...

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Political Documentaries Political Documentaries
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