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Policy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario Province

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Policy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario Province

Policy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario Province

Background: In November of 2002, after a year and a half of consultation and deliberation, the Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada delivered its final report. It contained 47 detailed recommendations. In reaction to the report`s recommendations, the Federal government engaged the provinces / territories in a series of agreements: 1) First Minister`s Accord on Health Care Renewal (2003); 2) Meeting on the Future of Health in Canada (2004); and 3) Specifically for Aboriginal people the First Ministers` Meeting with Leaders of National Aboriginal Organizations (http://tinyurl.com/ybsq8b9). The ten-year Health Accord agreement that was struck in 2004 is up for renewal in 2014. At this point, the federal government has only committed to 2 things: annual funding increases of 6% to 2016; and a national agreement not separate provincial agreements. Assignment: Even as early as this past November 2011, the provinces have started informally negotiating with each other about what type of funding and conditions they want to see on the table in 2014 (Wingrove et al, 2011). All of the provinces will enter into discussions with the federal government shortly. As an analyst in Ontario`s Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, you have been asked to do research and to prepare a policy paper documenting this history of health reform at the national level and the progress to date in the province of Ontario in one of 6 topic areas: 1) Primary care 2) Catastrophic drug coverage 3) Gender Equity 4) Aboriginal health care 5) Home Care 6) Globalization You must research and analyze what has occurred in Ontario since 2001 in your topic area. The following sources are useful starting places: 1) Romanow Commission (http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/webarchives/20071121154636/http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/care/romanow/hcc0396.html), 2) First Minister`s Accord on Health Care Renewal (2003) (http://tinyurl.com/2urz5u); 3) First Minister`s Meeting on the Future of Health in Canada (2004) http://tinyurl.com/3xum8h 4) The Ontario Health Quality Council (http://www.ohqc.ca/en/) and The Health Council of Canada (http://www.healthcouncilcanada.ca/en/) may provide some useful policy information. 5) Be sure to do a search of the academic literature on Scholar`s Portal or other library database. 6) If you choose to address Aboriginal Health, you must consult the First Ministers` Meeting with Leaders of National Aboriginal Organizations (http://tinyurl.com/ybsq8b9) and the Blueprint on Aboriginal Health http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/hcs-sss/pubs/system-regime/2005-blueprint-plan-abor-auto/index-eng.php. Short paper: choose one topic from those listed above. Answer the questions listed below in order to guide your analysis. For the (3 pages) you are required to: 1) Summarize the Romanow Report`s arguments and recommendations (or lack of recommendations) concerning your chosen issue. 2) Summarize the outcome of the Accord on Health Care Renewal (2003) the First Ministers` Meeting on the Future of Health in Canada (2004) as it relates to the topic (and the Aboriginal Agreement if it applies) 3) Analyse and Evaluate in what ways the two Accords have addressed, ignored or exceeded Romanow`s recommendations concerning your topic. Be sure to include an introduction with a proper statement indicating what the paper will address, and a conclusion that briefly summarizes the paper`s main points. You are not limited in the MAXIMUM number of sources that you can consult.
Running head: PRIMARY CARE SYSTEMPolicy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario ProvinceNameUniversityCourseInstructorDateIntroduction Canadians are more concerned about the nature of their health system. The number of those accessing care services is increasingly falling despite the expansion of healthcare services. Fiscal sustainability and access continue to affect Canadian healthcare and subsequently many commissions have been formed to look into this and make recommendations. One such commission is the Romanow Commission of 2002. Primary care system plays a key role in maintaining wellness and good health. Adequate funding, staffing and resources are vital to good primary care if the needs and interests of those it serves are to be met. However, less than half of the people are involved in their care. Some of the barriers that prevent patient engagement include time and long time waits. The current reform in primary care focuses on increasing access to community and family care by more than half. The Romanow Report identifies the urgency to change the current healthcare system into one that focuses on primary healthcare interventions and strategies (Roy & Romanow, 2002). The report notes that primary health means more than traditional notion of treatment. It includes illness and injury promotion and health promotion. This paper examines primary healthcare as integral part of healthcare system reform which is driven by the need to have accessible and effective primary care services, appropriate caregivers and appropriate settings by removing potential barriers. Primary Care System in Ontario and Healthcare ReformThe Romanow recommendations cover a broad spectrum of issues related to healthcare system. But for the purposes of this paper, the recommendations will be limited those related to primary care and especially in Ontario (Keshen & Blake, 2006). The report supports publicly financed and administered healthcare system and Medicare as its chief cornerstone. It recommends use of Primary Healthcare Transfer to fast-track the implementation of primary healthcare. To achieve this, the report proposes conditional funding for those territories and provinces advancing ...

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Policy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario Province Policy Paper Primary Care System in Ontario Province
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