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Hi, it is a 3 parts paper - please send me part by part asap. I need 1st part on the 4th. of October.. Used ONLY 16 articles as "number of sources 16" as I provided. Do not used any others different sources. Please attachment unstruction for detail. remeber use only the sources that i provide. do not use any others Thanks M
Abstract The objective of this proposal was to highlight the role of dietary habits in alleviating or aggravating the severity of ovarian cancer with CA-125 as the biomarker. Is apparent that in as much as ovarian cancer is the most uncommon among the cancers, its risk is still significant especially owing to the fact that diagnosis and treatment are still not accurate. Several studies highlighted in the paper indicated that dietary habits have got some form of correlation with the risk of ovarian cancer. One such relation was with the mineral flavonoids which were seen to reduce the risk and severity of ovarian cancer. The study relied on behavioral change theories especially the theory of reasoned action to explain dietary habits perceived effect on ovarian cancer. Therefore, the research question for this study was thus: what at are the effects of dietary habits on the prevalence and severity of ovarian cancer? Washington DC formed the study area with a population of 84 women. Data was collected through various methods such as interviews and from clinic databases in the preliminary stages of the study followed by diary recordings, questionnaires during the course of the study. Data analysis was carried out with the help of a data expert and it was found that dietary habits had an effect on ovarian cancer (An abstract indicates what was done. This action cannot be cited). Sample and Sample SizeThis study seeks to determine the effects of dietary habits among females with ovarian cancer. In this sense, the basic definition for the sample size would be that the study would only incorporate subjects whom it has been established that they suffer from or are positive of ovarian cancer. Since one variable of the study is dietary habits, it will be important that the subjects be women who have ovarian cancer but at low risk level so much so that they have not been subjected to a strict diet, whatsoever by treatment providers. In other words, the population must be of women who are suffering from ovarian cancer but are still observing their normal, self-determined diets. The population of the study will come from women currently residence of the Washington, DC area and suffer from ovarian cancer. According to the Center for Disease Control, per year, the incidence ovarian cancer in Washington was between 12.7 and 15.4 by the year 2008. This rate is per every 100,000. Washington has an estimated population of 618,000 people and 58.2% (359,676) of these are females. This approximately means that between 76 and 92 females contract ovarian cancer in Washington each year. This gives an average of 84 incidences per year. This forms the population of the study since all the females have the characteristics required in the study. Eligibility requirements for this study shall not be strict since dietary habits are present in all people of reasonable age. The main requirement for this study is that the subject should have contracted ovarian cancer in not less th...

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