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Planning Work Orientation and Job Design

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Planning Work Orientation and Job Design

Planning Work Orientation and Job Design

As part of your management role you need to monitor and assess the performance of your employees. Write a 1650 word report that explains the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of the work performance of trainee commercial pilots ( use Emirates Airline as an example company). Please include any non confidential assessment records that you have available in the appendices or use the generic template provided on Moodle. You must include the following sections in the report; give examples which demonstrate how work orientation and job design is developed and planned in your role. Section 1 - Planning work orientation and job design • Explain the application of motivation theories and empowerment techniques • Explain communication styles and techniques used • Explain delegation techniques and processes used • Explain supervision styles working culture and practices • Explain regulations and codes of practice • Explain diversity issues Section2 - Performance monitoring and assessment • Explain how effective performance is measured • Explain how and when feedback is given • Explain the appraisal processes used • Explain how benchmarking performance processes are used • Explain what mentoring and counseling services are available • Explain the methods of correcting under-performance • Explain the influence of legislation on methods of performance monitoring and assessment • Explain the use of codes of practice and procedures relating to disciplinary situations • Explain the implication of diversity issues • Explain the management principles used • Explain how anti-discriminatory practices and behaviours are promoted
INCREASING WORK PERFORMANCEName:Course:Professor name:(February 13, 2012)Increasing Work PerformancePlanning Work Orientation and Job DesignIntroductionFor the performance in any job sector to be increased a great role has to be played by the human resource management. One of the roles played is the planning work orientation and job design. Some of the techniques used in the work orientation are the motivation of the workers. In the work design the structure, configuration and contents of the employees work roles and tasks are the main fundamental roles that remain important in the job place. The theories that are used to help clearly in understanding of the work design especially in these changing technological eras are important. There are new issues that have to be attended to if the motivation tasks are to be achieved in order to increase work performance in the changing times. The traditional levels in the sector of job design such as the levels of the job autonomy always remain very important (Sharon, 2010). The work orientation and job design hence is a relevant and critical issue in the enhancement of the better work performance.The application of motivation theories and empowerment techniques is one of the fundamental aspects of the work design. The understanding of work motivation increases the usefulness of addressing the contemporary issues in the job place. Drawing on the Sharon (2010), theory of task motivation theory and other motivation theories developed such as the self determination theory, and the regulatory focus theory. The most common motivation theories include the Herzberg`s achievement motivation, Mayo`s human relation approach, Taylor`s scientific management, Maslow`s hierarchy of needs and McClellands achievement motivation these are classified in two categories of motivation thas is the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations (Zeynep, 2000). Other methods of motivation include the non financial through job rotation, teambuilding, work counc...

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Planning Work Orientation and Job Design Planning Work Orientation and Job Design
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