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Physical Attraction in the Internet Age

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Physical Attraction in the Internet Age

Physical Attraction in the Internet Age

Area of Study - Social Psychology A. Discuss the effects internet sites have on the development if intimate relationships. B. Provide discussion of how group norms re: whether traditional ideas of physical attraction can happen when developing intimate relationships using internet dating sites. C. Discuss how group norms re: dating developed and how they change when intimate relationships are developed using internet dating sites. D. Discuss how the presence of another person can influence dating behavior in an internet dating environment. E. Show the advantages & disadvantages to developing intimate relationships using internet dating sites. Also to include an abstract of one of the scholarly research sources used to write this paper...istructions will be included in the upload. Also when using internet sources can u please reference in APA format 6thed and including the doi
Physical attraction in the internet ageName:Institution:Course:Tutors:Date of submission:AbstractThe article in critique throughout the course of this paper is titled “Relationship formation on the internet: What`s the big attraction?”and has been authored by Katelyn McKenna, Amie Green, and Marci Gleason. The three authors have come together to analyze a fundamental part of online dating. Through the details that have been presented in the course of the journal, there are important analyses about the role of physical attraction in relationship and the change that has taken place. Through this article, it is easy to look at the changes and developments that are taking place with regards to dating. What are the traditional values of dating? What is the ancient way of dating? What is the role of the internet with regards to online dating? What are the changes that have taken place in dating? What is the trend with regards to dating? What role does physical attraction play when it comes to the internet dating? These are the questions that form the analysis of the critique and the overall assessment of the effect of the internet with regards to dating. (McKenna, Green & Gleason, 2002)IntroductionThe journal looks at the history of dating and other forms of relationships. Today, more than ever, people are getting connected through the internet. The world of internet dating has completely done away with the traditional models of relationships. Through the internet people are building relationships that have very little or nothing to do with physical attraction. Such relationships are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. As these relationships grow in popularity, the intimacy in relationship continues to change. The article goes on to state that unlike in the traditional setting of relationships where there was physical attraction, the internet relationships continue to do away with the physical attraction in relationships. This is echoed througho...

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Physical Attraction in the Internet Age Physical Attraction in the Internet Age
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