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[Solved] Physic lab 1

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[Solved] Physic lab 1

Physic lab 1

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Course: PHYS202 Section: _______________________________ Name: _________________________ Instructor Name: _______________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Title: Experiment to find out resistance of an unknown resistor ________________________________________________________________________ Abstract: The experiment sought to establish the resistance of an unknown resistor through varying the voltage and recording values for voltage and corresponding current. The experiment hypothesized that resistance is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to current similar to Ohm`s law. However, for there to be current there is need for difference in potential, which then yielded different values for current. Using an ammeter and voltmeter to check the values, it was possible to obtain the corresponding values for voltage and current. Consequently, the experiment validated Ohm`s law with a calculated average resistance of 14.41 ohms against 15 ohms as stated by the manufacturer. __________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: This experiment will investigate Ohm`s law and it s relation to potential difference, current and resistance through a dc test circuit. This law states that resistance is directly proportional to potential difference, and inversely proportional to current, and this is represented as Resistance (R) =Potential difference (V) / Current (I) (Kubala, 2009). The concept of resistance is important in circuit law, and also helps to calculate resistance in other devices like resistors. Closely related to the Ohm`s law, is power, which is the product of potential difference and current, in other words P=IV (Von, 2006). The equation on electric power is derived from the ratio of performed work to amount of electrical energy. Thus, Ohm`s law allows one to calculate the power of the system as well as demonstrate the relationship of current, resistance and potential difference. For there to be current in the experiment, it was necessary to have potential differ...

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[Solved] Physic lab 1 [Solved] Physic lab 1
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