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Philosophy of education

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Philosophy of education

Philosophy of education

Please make sure each section is 3.5 pages in length and you address each of the questions asked for each section (there are 3). Please make sure referencing is correct and that works done by more than one author are ALL listed in the first citation and than you can use "et. all" for every citation by that specific work after that (make sure it is like this for each new work). I cannot stress enough that you must pay attention to address all benchmarks!!! you will note the bullets on the right are examples of how you can discuss that particular benchmark....use them if you can. REMEMBER: Benchmarks and answer the questions directly within each section!!!! Please no bullets in a research paper. Please make sure you use each benchmark at least once!!! (aim for twice) Please make sure there are 12 sources, and at least 4 citations per section Do not add a reference if it is not cited!!! Speak in 3rd person!!! I.e. As an educator..... Please make sure anything you use is relevant and truthful to the field of education...Everything should be accurate!!!! If you need assistance with research, please message me ASAP Also, please send me a rough draft showing the benchmarks you will use for each section, and a brief description of how you will answer each of the questions in each section for the paper. This MUST BE DONE BY MAY 17!!!! NO EXTENSIONS...PLEASE USE YOUR TIME WISELY AND PUT YOUR BEST EFFORT INTO THIS PAPER, my life is riding on his and I am in hospital and unable to fulfill this task to the best of my ability. I am putting MY FAITH IN YOU!!!! Don`t let me down I will also upload a copy of the previous paper using same guidelines that another writer did, which got a failing grade...pay close attention to the comments and refrain from making the same mistakes...this documemt will be entitled "SABRINA`S COMP EXAM" Please make sure not to make the same mistakes..... Message me with questions, comments, or wording if you unfamiliar with the field of education so that I can give you proper terms etc. Please stay in contact REMEMBER ROUGH DRAFT ASAP....
PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATIONStudent`s NameName of lecturerName of institutionIntroductionPhilosophy of education can be used to refer to either the academic field of applied philosophy or to any of the educational philosophies that promote a specific type or vision of education (Gutek, 2009). There are various view points than can be adopted for different teaching environment depending on the students being handled and their cultural, social and religious affiliations. Universal design of learning is one of the best ways of imparting knowledge to a wider selection of students especially the students in the lower classes. In this section, universal design was used for level 4 students and the results were quite encouraging. The universal design of teaching makes the course concepts more accessible and also helps in making the skills more attainable regardless of the learning style, the physical and the sensory abilities of the students (Burgstahler, 2011). This process can also assist the teacher to meet most of the needs of diverse learners through the removal of various barriers in the learning process as it provides alternatives that allow the students to access and engage in learning. This teaching philosophy has also been applauded by the proponents of both John Dewey and Lev Vygotsky. The two philosophers were for the opinion that learning should be friendly and that students should be given time to develop their minds in a free and favorable environment. This section covers an insight overview of the two philosophers and how their proposals are related to the universal design of teaching.John Dewey believed that learning was not being done in the appropriate way. According to him, he considered the learning process unnecessarily long and restrictive. In his arguments, he stated that children went to school to do things and live in a community which provided them with some real guided experiences which took note of their capacity to contribute to the society. He therefore concluded that students should be involved in real life challenges and tasks that can have some beneficial implications in their lives. His educational philosophy helped to forward the progressive education movement and spawned the development of the experiential education programs and experiments (Dewey, 2009). John Dewey can be considered as the father of experiential education as the success of experiential education is bestowed upon him.Lev Vygotsky also proposed a very important method of dealing with education from a sociological and cultural point of view. He actually accorded a very important role to culture and social interaction to the process of complex thinking. He stated that sociology and cultural perspectives are very important to any setting in the learning environment (Vygotsky, 1998). This was the description of cultural signs and symbols as psychological tools, which he defined as instruments of cognitive development. The importance of these proposals were tha...

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Philosophy of education Philosophy of education
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