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People, Organisations & Society

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People, Organisations & Society


General Information on the CA


Research, develop, test and solve an evidence‐based, ethical


solution to a live business, management or work‐related


problem which you currently face (5000 words).


Your report on the above task should be 5000 words long and


structured as follows.


(1) A statement of why the problem is live and wicked. You


should provide convincing evidence that the project is


salient to you.


(2) An informed exploration of the nature of the problem


possible solutions to it. This should include:


a. An account of how you refined your understanding



and definition of the problem.


b. A systematic literature review on the problem and



possible solutions to it.


c. Evidence which supports the development of an



accurate understanding of the problem and



possible solutions to it:



i. Qualitatitive evidence, such as accounts of



interviews with appropriate people who



best place to inform that solution to the



problem you are researching and/or



ii. Quantitative evidence, such as empirical



research on markets or opportunities



related to the problem and/or solution you



are researching.


(3) An account of your experiential engagement with solving


the problem identified. This should include a critical


re‐evaluation of the problem you identified based on your


experiential engagement with it.


(4) The development of an ethical plan for solving the problem


following the completion of the class


(5) An honest, concluding statement, of how this project has


impacted on:


a. Your personal ethical position



Your occupational goals.


You should also outline any difficulties that you


encountered whilst undertaking the project.

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People, Organisations & Society People, Organisations & Society
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