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Pecos Printers Inc.

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Pecos Printers Inc.

Pecos Printers Inc.

Additional information Pecos Printers, Inc. Pecos Printers, Inc. is a small manufacturing firm in Houston,Texas that manufactures color ink jet printers for the small business market. It has just launched the PP 7500. A 50% markup is standard in this industry so that Pecos must sell to distributors below $400 per printer to keep the retail price below the industry top of $600 ($400 * 150% = $600). Paul Pecos, the founder and CEO of Pecos Printers, wants to keep the price to distributors as low as possible so he has carefully engineered his manufacturing process to be as efficient as possible. The model PP 7500 is an exceptionally desirable model with the following features: A monthly capacity of 10,000 copies A print speed of 10 copies per minute for black and white and 5 copies per minute for color. A lifetime capacity of 120,000 copies. The ability to accept readily available HP ink cartridges. Lester Ledger, the Pecos Controller has developed the following cost sheet for the model 7500: Cost Category Cost per Unit Direct Materials (Variable) $145 Direct Labor (Variable) 60 Overhead (Variable) 40 Overhead (Fixed)* 45 Total Unit Costs $290 *This is determined on a per unit basis as followed. Lester assumes that the annual fixed overhead costs for this product will be $450,000 and that approximately 10,000 Model 7500`s will be produced during the current year. Pecos has the capacity to p roduce 20,000 units per year without increasing fixed costs. Paul has determined that approximately 20% of the total manufacturing costs are necessary for a decent profit. Based on these data, Paul has developed the following pricing rule for his sales staff: Accept any offer from distributors of $300 or more and reject any offer below $300. The sales staff is on salary with no commission paid for any sale. The salesmen negotiate with distributors who make firm offers which the Pecos salesmen then either accept or reject. Last month the three salesmen reported the following offers and results: Offer (per unit) Number of Units Accepted? Sam Smoothtalk Offer No. 1 $310 200 Yes Offer No. 2 $305 150 Yes Offer No. 3 $295 300 No Harry Hustler Offer No. 1 $305 50 Yes Offer No. 2 $200 250 No Offer No. 3 $300 100 Yes Offer No. 4 $330 75 Yes Gary Giftofgab Of fer No. 1 $305 250 Yes Offer No. 2 $245 400 No Offer No. 3 $325 100 Yes In addition, Ms. Glenda Goodperson, the office assistant manager received an offer from a new distributor for 700 units at $290. She felt this would be advantageous for Pecos and accepted the offer. When Paul Pecos found out about this transaction, he was furious that Ms. Goodperson had violated his decision rule and fired her on the spot. He then cancelled the order with the new distributor. Overall, Paul was satisfied with the month`s sales results. His sales staff had sold 925 units which translated to an annual rate of over 11,000 units. This was 10% above his estimate of 10,000 annual sales. Case assignment expectations: Review the information from the modular background and the case infomation above. Evaluate Paul Pecos` decision rule. Evaluate Paul Pecos` reaction to Ms. Goodperson`s sale. LENGTH: 2 pages typed and double-spaced: The following items will be assessed in particular: Prepare a contribution margin income statement for the month with two columns: in the first column, show the results following Paul`s decision rule. In the second column, show what the results would have been if you chose to revise the decision rule and your revised decision rule had been followed. For simplicity sake, ignore non-manufacturing costs and taxes. Do you have any other recommendations for Paul to improve his operations?
Accounting[Name][Course Title][University][Instructor Name][Date]AbstractThis paper considers the concepts of contribution margin, which can be applied in order to keep a product`s price. It also evaluates the decision made by Paul Pecos to accept only those offers which offer $300 or more for each unit. The paper includes a comparison of income statements in both the condition; when the decision was applied, and when the decision did not apply. AccountingPecos Printers needs to keep a price per printer of less than $400 in order to aging competitive advantage in the industry. The standard mark up in the industry is 50%, therefore, in order to attract more and more customers. The product by Pecos Printers is desirable because of its features therefore there is no reason for customers to ignore this offer. Paul Pecos, the Chief Executive Officer of Pecos Printers has come up with a plan that needs to apply throughout the organization. He said that all the offers for per unit price of $300 or more would be accepted and all other offers would be turned down. This decision was taken in order to retain a certain proportion of profit on the total sales of printers. Contribution margin that is the difference between sales and marginal cost is sought to be increased (Blocher, 2006). Salesmen of the organization were bound to follow the decision and they were not allowed to ignore it in any circumstances. One of the salesmen received an offer than asked for 700 units at $290 per unit. She considered i...

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