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Pandora (Pandoras` Box)

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Pandora (Pandoras` Box)

Pandora (Pandoras` Box)

Include the myth of Pandoras` Box and elaborate on it. Talk about the differences of other versions of their if there are other translations of Pandora`s Box. Can`t use Wikipedia as a source. Needs to be at least 700 words.
NAME INSTITUION LECTURER TOPIC DATE OF SUBMISSION Many societies and communities in the world have a tale regarding their creation and origin. Among all the communities, most of them believe d in a creator whom they attribute to their origin. Different communities have different myths regarding their creation and why they were created. It is for this reason that this paper seeks to look at Greeks mythology on their creation and the story of creation revolves around Pandora who was gifted with many talents. This paper will therefore look at how Pandora was gifted and how her talents escaped her. Pandora`s Box is a myth that is enshrined in Greek mythology which focuses on a woman called Pandora. She happens to be the first woman on earth according to Greeks. Before her creation, Greek population was uni-gender and consisted of men only. God Zeus saw the need to come up with a different gender and this is how Pandora came into being. Pandora was endowed with many talents after being created from water and earth. The creation story of this woman looks at how this woman was well crafted and endowed with many talents that not many people possessed. Hephaestus, who was the god of craftsman, was ordered by Zeus to create her in the best way he could and to g...

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Pandora (Pandoras` Box) Pandora (Pandoras` Box)
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