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Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a Nation

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Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a Nation

Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a Nation

STRUCTURE: I. Introduction Explanation of the issue Thesis Statement II. Body Block 1 A. Summary of other side`s arguments B. Rebuttal to the first argument C. Rebuttal to the second argument D. Rebuttal to the third argument Block 2 E. Your first argument F. Your second argument G. Your third argument III. Conclusion INTRODUCTION Sets up and background for the problem or need. Thesis statement: what your are arguing for / what you want to persuade your readers about BODY Create topic sentences to develop your thesis. Develop your arguments with reasoning and evidence. Use transitions within and between paragraphs to emphasize the transition from one argument or part to the next. Provide example and concrete details for support. Present counterarguments to be fair minded. Add analysis and commentary about the example used to help develop the arguments/thesis statement. CONCLUSION Sums up and re-emphasize the thesis: your arguments and reasons. Topic idea: • Use one article or essay as a lens through which to view an event, idea, or other reading. • Respond to an article or essay by applying, countering, or extending the argument. • Compare/contrast two articles/essays that take different positions. Teacher requires: • Fair and careful use of 2 or more academic sources • A thesis-driven argument that is lucid and thoughtful • Development – specific details and evidence supporting your thesis • Quoted or paraphrased material from every outside source listed on the Works Cited Page • Integration of source material into your own writing • Body paragraphs with proper topic and concluding sentences
(student`s name)(professor)(course)(date of submission)Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a NationIs birth control a good option for addressing overpopulation? According to China, the world`s most populous country, it is still is. The first country to institute its own family planning policy, China maintains that no changes will be made to the 32-year old One-Child Policy. While the policy have made successes in controlling population growth, there have been researches showing that much of the policy`s provisions require reconsideration especially since the country is not experiencing extraordinary political and social changes. The China policy will serve as a case study in order to make generalizations about birth control, and how it can affect nations. This work argues that birth control is important in order to ensure continued economic progress, but that this decision is not for the government to impose. It is the author`s belief that the government`s role in controlling population growth must be limited with information dissemination so that citizens can make proper family planning decisions by themselves without further compulsion from the government.The article published by the Guardian ADDIN Mendeley Citation{edaaa356-ce0d-4341-84a4-5e56ca1d10c3} CSL_CITATION { "citationItems" : [ { "id" : "ITEM-1", "itemData" : { "author" : [ { "family" : "Watts", "given" : "Jonathan" } ], "container-title" : "The Guardian", "id" : "ITEM-1", "issued" : { "date-parts" : [ [ "2011", "10", "25" ] ] }, "publisher-place" : "Henan", "title" : "China`s one-child policy means benefits for parents u2013 if they follow the rules", "type" : "article-newspaper" }, "uris" : [ "http://www.mendeley.com/documents/?uuid=edaaa356-ce0d-4341-84a4-5e56ca1d10c3" ] } ], "mendeley" : { "previouslyFormattedCitation" : "(Watts)" }, "properties" : { "noteIndex" : 0 }, "schema" : "https://github.com/citation-style-language/schema/raw/master/csl-citation.json" } (Watts) serves as a valuable resource for this argumentative paper. The report talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the one-child policy not only to parents, but also to the government.In 1953, China`s first modern census showed that the country had about 583,000,000 people. This figure doubled in less than 50 years to reach approximately 1.25 billion. While its early leaders encouraged population growth, the Chinese government soon realized that “there is no way to modernize the economy and to improve living standards if substantial capital must continue to be invested to meet the needs of the growing population” ADDIN Mendeley Citation{f8fdc86b-a39e-401b-ab6a-856f5ecf298c} CSL_CITATION { "citationItems" : [ { "id" : "ITEM-1", "itemData" : { "author" : [ { "family" : "Landman", "given" : "Lynn C." } ], "container-title" : "International Family Planning Perspectives", "id" : "ITEM-1", "issue" : "3", "issued" : { "date-parts" : [ [ "1981" ] ] }, "page" : "102-107", "title" : "China`s...

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Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a Nation Overpopulation - The Influence of Birth Control on a Nation
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