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[Solved]OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace

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[Solved]OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace

OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace

Please note: Please follow these guidelines and headings. Also Please refer to the criteria below the directions. Thank you. This is not meant to be a full research plan in that you will not be constructing data collection instruments or generating data to use. The final project is meant to develop understanding about the relationships between research questions, research design, and data organization and analysis. For this project, you will consider more the design and methodology of the qualitative research you propose. Some, but not all, course assignments lead into the final project. The Final Project should include the following: Title A. Opening statement (a clear statement demonstrating that the focus of the study is on a significant problem worthy of study) B. Background of the study a. Summary of the literature framing history of the project, using 10 articles related to the problem b. Gaps and/or deficiencies in prior research c. Importance of present study i. Why the study should be pursued ii. For whom is it important C. Problem statement (describes the need for increased understanding about the issue to be studied) D. Purpose of the study a. Research design (narrative, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, phenomenology) b. Intent (understand, describe, explore, develop, etc.) c. Central phenomenon of the study d. General definition of central phenomenon E. Research question(s) a. Central question(s) b. Subquestions (where applicable) F. Theoretical or conceptual framework a. Theoretical or conceptual basis and origin of, or source for, theory or describe concepts b. Where and how theory has been applied or concepts evidenced previously c. The major propositions or hypotheses of the theory, if used d. How the theory relates to the present study or state how the concepts are important to the present study and provide a lens for it; rationale for that theoretical expectation or conceptual lens G. Nature of the study a. Design i. Paradigm (qualitative) ii. Design (narrative, grounded theory, ethnography, case study, phenomenology) iii. Rationale for the design, with explanations why other likely choices would be less effective b. Methodology i. Participants ii. Site iii. Researcher`s role in data collection procedures iv. Sampling 1. Type of sampling 2. How the sample will be drawn 3. Sample size and why chosen in relation to population size v. Data collection procedures (interviews focus groups, observations, etc.) vi. Data analysis and interpretation plan: indicate what analytical tools and procedures will be applied to each set of data collected. c. Limitations i. Potential design and/or methodological weaknesses of the study ii. Explain how the weaknesses will be addressed iii. Threats to quality and how they will be potentially addressed in the study d. Ethical Concerns i. Describe your proposed procedure for providing informed consent and any ethical concerns with which you may need to deal. H. Significance of the study a. Practical contributions of the study b. For whom the study is important c. Implications for social change Criteria Points Explains why the issue is worthy of study 4 Provides a background to the study with at least 10 references to the literature. 4 Provides a clear problem statement, purpose of the study, and research questions 4 Explains and justifies use of a theoretical or conceptual framework 4 Recommends appropriate qualitative research design for research problem and questions; justifies reason for selecting that qualitative design; explains why other qualitative designs are not appropriate for the research questions 4 Describes participants, location for data collection, and researcher`s role in data collection procedures 4 Recommends a sampling strategy appropriate for a qualitative research plan and justifies why that sampling strategy is appropriate 4 Explains data collection procedures and data analysis and interpretation plan 4 Describes potential weaknesses or limitations of study 4 Explains ethical considerations related to research study 4 Explains implications of social change for research study 4 Demonstrates quality, effectiveness, and professionalism in written communication (e.g., grammar, syntax, spelling, mechanics, tone) 3 Adheres to APA style and formatting standards 3 @
OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplaceNameCourseProfessorDateOpening statementOSHA has been quite effective at reduction of occupational injuries and fatalities at the construction workplace but penalties by this agency are not the major reason for the decline.Background of the studyOccupational Safety and Health Administration was promulgated into the U.S safety policy in the 1970 through an act. It comprises of tort laws, programs for compensation and insurance of state workers and research programs including public awareness through education programs. The basis of research and education is to create awareness on what causes hazards at the workplace and the consequences in the event of the occurrence of a risk (Collins 2001). The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health usually undertake the latter. In addition to the pillars of safety that make up the safety policy are other necessary variables such as the forces of the labor market. The establishment of wage premiums depends on the above variable. In addition, it entails the compensating wage differentials that require that each worker come to terms with health hazards that are tied to their jobs (A Staff report on the oversight of OSHA 1985).The safety Policy in the US has been on a constant path of evolving from one government to another. This owes to the attempt by the succeeding government to improve on the failure of its predecessor especially on matters pertaining safety at work (Gallagher 2001). Initially a common-law tort system had been in operation but ended up as a failure. This is attributed to the fact that many workers were left without compensation because of the legislation of the so called “after the fact negligence determination” by the court. This initiative could not prevent workplace injuries and in addition increased the uncertainty of payments for injuries sustained. This led to the replacement of the law with the state workers compensation act (Gochnour 2001). In the 1960s, the workers compensation benefits lost its purchasing ability due to inflation and in addition, there was an increased workplace injury. These two factors led to the establishment of OSHAS act in the 1970.Apart from the formation of OSHA and NIOSHA to carry out research lay down workplace guidelines, the Act also saw the creation of National Commission on State Workmen`s Compensation Laws whose aim was to change programs for workers compensation apart from boosting reward for income replacement (Hartnett 1996). This was an effective modification but it came with an increased cost in the acquisition of workers compensation coverage. This is as the result of the increased benefits that are speculated to be the reason for an increase in claims that are frauds.Over the years, OSHAS has been able to reduce the number of workplace injuries through the enforcement of its workplace safety guidelines (Krueger 1990). These i...

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[Solved]OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace [Solved]OSHA`s effectiveness in reducing occupational injuries and fatalities in the construction workplace
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