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Organizing and Elections

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Organizing and Elections

Organizing and Elections

Formal Writing Assignment: Write a 6 to 8 page paper (1,200 to 1,600 words) based on the following subject matter: 2013 changes in the NYS labor law include an increase in the minimum wage and an expectation that there will be legislation to reintroduce bills aimed at outlawing discrimination based on gender expression, eliminating workplace bullying, and enhancing social media privacy. Separately, the New York City Council, New York City`s local governing body, has introduced bills prohibiting employees from waiving their rights under the New York City Human Rights Law unless the waivers are entered into knowingly and voluntarily, and prohibiting employers from discriminating based on pregnancy, childbirth or a related condition. Your Completed paper should have an introductory and concluding paragraphs, should be footnoted, should have a bibliography with at least (3) sources (other than Wikipedia, and preferably other than web citations in general), should be typed and will be evaluated on grammar, spelling, and punctuation,as well as content and critical thinking.
ORGANIZING AND ELECTIONSNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionOrganizing and ElectionsIntroductionAccording to Arnold (2013) changes in the NYS labor law include an increase in the minimum wage and an expectation that there will be legislation to reintroduce bills aimed at banning segregation based on sex expression, stemming down workplace bullying, and improving social media secrecy.It is very clear that a new year actually means a new employment law in California. Therefore this year 2013 in New York there have been a new labor and employment laws that have gone in to effect. The labor code which is in section 226.8 in California which has actually imposed a maximum of 25,000 dollars and a minimum of 5,000 dollars fine for intentional misclassification of an individual has gone in to effect. The following essay seeks to look on some of the new employment laws that have gone in to effect in 2013 that actually started January.[http://law.onecle.com/california/labor/226.8.html] The commission pay pact (AB 1396)[http://law.onecle.com/california/labor/2810.5.html] It stated that any employer whether based outside California or whether in California with other California based workers who are under commission payment should have a written type of agreement with the other workers who actually states how the commissions are calculated and also paid. According to this agreement the term commission should not comprise the profit sharing or the bonus plans except in circumstances where the employer gives the worker a fixed amount of profits or sales as compensation for the work which is going to be done.The wage statement violation fines or penalties (SB 1255)[http://www.legginfo.ca.gov/puby/11-12/bill/svn/sb_12561-13080/xb_12525_bill_20120930_chaptered..df] The code 226 within the California labor code actually does require the employers to give their workers/employees the wage statement that comprise the 9 classes of exact information. Till now, the employer doesn`t have a fund liability under which is under section 226 except in situations where the worker shows some kind of injury. The new law enacted gives this section some teeth. The worker will actually be considered to suffer injury if at all the employer doesn`t give a wage statement, similarly if the employer gives an incomplete or inaccurate data on the wage statement, and again the worker can`t easily determine from the salary statement only any of the below: 1 The deductions that were made from the gross earnings to define the net salaries. 2 The employer`s address and his/her name 3 The worker`s name and also the last 4 digits of the worker`s security number. 4 The net wages or the amount of gross that was paid during the period of payment, the number of hours that were worked, the number of piece rate units and also the deductions, the inclusive period/date for the...

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Organizing and Elections Organizing and Elections
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