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[Solved] Organizational behavior case report (smo course)

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[Solved] Organizational behavior case report (smo course)

Organizational behavior case report (smo course)

hello this is a case report assignment. i orded another one last week it was ok but the problem was that you have to use the text book`s references and there is no need to mention extra reference other than text book. and in the privious assignment the writer mentioned introduction which is not needed. to do this assignment please read through the scans of my text book and then based on the material in the textbook answer the questions on page 384 to the question 13.1- 13.2- 13.3 the words are limited to 1000 words thats why i order 4 pages so please try to make it 1000 words. so just the textbook is the refrences and there is no need for finding other sources and please becareful not to copy the info from text book because it is considered as plagirisim. and if you habve any concerns please not hazitate to contact me thanks bye
Organizational Behavior Case ReportStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Organizational Behavior Case ReportQuestion 13.1 With regard to organization structure, technology of an organization is the technique by which a company transforms its inputs into outputs, and is a key determinant of the structure of a company. When a technology becomes more routine, the structure of the organization becomes more mechanistic. This implies that if an organization produces the exact same thing again and again, it needs to concentrate on creating that thing as professionally as it can by having high levels of centralization, formalization and specialization (Fryer & Stewart, 2008). Cisco has shifted from management through command and control, and now applies management through teamwork and collaboration. The company made a number of organizational changes, for instance, it adopted matrix structures whereby staff members report to several bosses. It also instituted formalized and highly developed cross-cultural teams at manifold levels in the company. The matrix structure of the company has enabled it to acclimatize more efficiently to changing conditions. The organizational structure at Cisco has an impact on the way staff members cooperate, coordinate and communicate with each other, the way power is distributed and how people consider their work environment. At Cisco, the organization structure is complex consisting of 65,000 workers producing diverse products. The company has a decentralized structure and the top managers do not make every decision in the organization (Fryer & Stewart, 2008). With the technology available at Cisco, it is not possible for other companies to emulate its organization structure. This is because the company has established high levels of work specialization, formalization and centralization whereby each employee has his/her defined role to play and does her/his best in that area of specialization. Establishing such a structure is often a complex undertaking and may require a complete overhaul of the company`s organizational structure, and mo...

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[Solved] Organizational behavior case report (smo course) [Solved] Organizational behavior case report (smo course)
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