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[Solved] Organization behaviour

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[Solved] Organization behaviour

Organization behaviour

This is the case report and I have to use the text book that i am sending in order to answer the case report questions on page 412 there are 4 questions 14.1, 14.2 , 14.3 ,14.4 please use only the text book source that i am sending it , last time i asked for it but they didnt notice and i asked for revision and apply those knowledge on those questions. i have to show that i underestand those concept from the text book and if you use example that would be great and do not use the other resources because its useless for this report. and it should be about 1000 works not 1200 the limit is 1000 words. "please tell him to use only the text book sources not other sources last time i asked but he used other sources other sources is not gona work for him i will get zero just text book that i sent and provide example to show that i am fully underestand it " thanks for your time, Please use the text book sources that i sent, other than that is not gona work and answer the questions on page 412 there are 4 questions answer it in paragraph form. and the limit is 1000 word. and if you can show that i am fully underestand the concept because he wants to see that in my writing so please write it from text book and use those knowledge to answer the question and if you can provide some example what would be great
Organization behaviorStudent:Professor:Course title:Date: How does the company organizational culture contributes to its ability to locate, hire, train and retain new workers it so desperately needs to be successful? Research has acknowledged that organizational culture is a crucial element which determines the success or failure these organizations. Organizations that have strong culture have strong policies and principles which are enshrined in its culture. On the other hand, those with weak culture lack effective principle and norms. In other cases, they alter their organizational culture which may not be favorable to the existing employees. Socialization tactics such as job performance and organizational commitment are very crucial measures in retaining effective employees. In addition to these socialization tactics, there are also other three aspects which many organizations employ in speeding up the process of socialization, these include: orientation programs, job previews, and mentoring.Among the most effective ways employed by many organizations in reducing early job turn over is the use of a concept termed as realistic job previews. In this strategy prospective employees are made to understand both the negative and positive aspects of their tasks. Realistic job previews happen during the anticipatory phase of the socialization and recruitment process. These previews assist in ensuring that potential employees possess a precise picture of what their work in the organization would entail. This is made possible by them being provided with both positive and negative aspects of their jobs. Using an example of Kal Tire, who is among the leaders in Canadian automobile ratail business, he allows job candidates to spend a whole day inside his company just to familiarize themselves on the jobs they intend to apply for. By exposing the applicants to the companies` idea of their customer service and the job demand, Kal Tire has successfully reduced the likelihood of the reality shock that is significant in many organizations and also reduced the encounter stage which in most cases is followed up by the initial employment. By use of the typology presented in figure 14-2, classify the organizational culture at west jet. As the company continues to expand and become complex, do you anticipate the culture to evolve...

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[Solved] Organization behaviour [Solved] Organization behaviour
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