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[Solved] Nursing and Communication

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[Solved] Nursing and Communication

Table of Contents Introduction Communication Reflection/Description Feelings and thoughts Evaluation Conclusion Action Plan Summary


The motivation behind this task is to basically think about my expert relational abilities drawing from two different patients and student communication dealings. The student communication evaluation structure will be utilised to help highlight the purposes of communication that I have to enhance. The task will likewise demonstrate the significance of both verbal and nonverbal communication as it is an essential ability needed to turn into a capable medical attendant. Communication is characterized as a practice that incorporates a significant trade between no less than two individuals to convey what needs be through both verbal and non-verbal routes, and also up close and personal discussions and on paper (Chant, 2010). In this task l is utilizing the Gibbs (1988) model of reflection, to help me clarify my experience due to his procedural step which includes depiction, sentiments, assessment, investigation, and conclusion and activity arrangement. Gibbs model will keep me focused and it will permit me to direct my musings in an organised clear and succinct way.



Communication is fundamental to human collaboration. Without it, individuals can`t impart to people around them, to make their prerequisites and reasons for alarm known or comprehend what is occurring to and around them. Powerful communication is a standout amongst essential objectives for nursing staff to guarantee that their patients, customers and those that take care of them feel they are being corresponded viably (Department of Health (DH) 2010). Non- verbal communication typically shows data traded without dialog, enveloped in this would be the way you sit or stand, face, whether you gesture, grin or raise your eyebrows will all have an impact on communication (McHugh, 2010). Knapp (Knapp, 2013), likewise highlighted nonverbal communication to be more intense than verbal data as at times verbal messages demonstrate one thing while the non-verbal recommends significance.


Over the span of this task, I will be keeping up patient secrecy and protection as per Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008). Both the patients I associated with will have aliases. My first patient, Mr Point was a 69 year old man who had been conceded onto the ward experiencing disarray and was esteemed to have no mental limit, which is characterised as somebody who because of a disease or handicap, for example, psychological wellness issues, dementia or a learning incapacity can`t comprehend, utilise and hold data given to them to settle on a specific choice (Smith, 2013). In this example Mr. Point must be dealt with as a powerless grown-up and precautionary measure must be taken to ensure that none of his rights were taken away and that each method done was to his greatest advantage (NMC, 2008). Mr. Point was likewise said to be fierce on occasion.

On this specific night, Mr. Point had been lying in his own particular pee, on affirmation he had likewise go onto the ward with some wet garments which were in his bedside seat. The garments were making the entire cove smell and it was creating inconvenience to alternate patients who then requested the windows to be opened to reduce the odour despite the fact that it was exceptionally cool outside. I was requested that by my tutor run and talk about with Mr. Point whether he would like a shower and a change of nightgown. I firstly presented myself as an understudy attendant and afterward requested his agree to banter (NMC, 2008). At first, he was extremely obnoxious and yelled that he needed to be allowed to sit unbothered. I inquired as to whether he would like some tea and a cut of cake to which he concurred and his non-verbal communication released and he grinned.

I asked him what his reasons for alarm were with respect to putting the garments away and he educated me that he was frightened somebody would take them in the event that he couldn`t see them. I eased his reasons for alarm by letting him know that as opposed to placing them in his bedside locker I would rather place them in a room which no different patients went into and that I would mark the sack with his name, to which he promptly concurred. I likewise educated him that if he feels the need to pass pee he could utilise bottles which I gave him. I then continued to help him with his wash and changing the bedding subsequent to picking up assent.

My next patient was a 66-year-old man Mr. Smith who was conceded onto the ward with a lack of hydration and a pee tract disease. Mr. Smith had a learning handicap and least utilisation of his legs so was for the most part wheelchair bound. He additionally had exceptionally restricted discourse and generally utilised gesture-based communication and had come in with a healing centre visa which points of interest particular care needs, it advises and furnishes clinic staff with imperative data about the patient, which include eating, drinking and what the patient is alright with, and likes and abhorrence (Pugh, 2012). It was amidst a night movement and the vast majority of the persistent had settled down for the night, I chose to do a visit just to verify that everybody was okay. I strolled onto Mr. Smith`s cove and discovered him lying on the floor. At first, I thought he had dropped out of bed yet on closer assessment observed that he was on the floor playing with his cloth and by and large looking extremely ready.

I then helped him into his wheelchair and got his most loved cover for him and secured him with it to keep him warm. He likewise demonstrated that he would like his clothes and I offered them to him and wheeled him to the attendant`s station where he cheerily sat and played with his hankies.

Feelings and thoughts

Throughout my communication with both patients, I understood a touch of my profundity to begin with. On account of Mr. Point, I additionally felt anxious because of his forceful nature. I was concerned that I would not have the capacity to accomplish the objective set out for me as I had likewise been educated at handover that he had declined all offers of help so far. On account of Mr. Smith, my stress was that I would not have the capacity to correspond with him at all as I have no involvement with gesture-based communication. I felt fairly agreeable around him as I had breastfed him in bed the day preceding yet this had been with the assistance of his carer who was acquainted with communication via gestures and knew Mr. Smith.

Subsequent to corresponding with both patients I felt alleviated and understood that I could chat with anybody paying little heed to the circumstance. All it took was a little tolerance and sympathy. I additionally acknowledged exactly that it was so imperative to peruse the understanding`s non-verbal communication and this will tell you whether you can proceed with the discussion or in the event that the time it now, time to stop give the patient some space and afterward attempt again at a later point.


After my discussion with Mr. Point, I felt I had been a smidgen pushy because of my need to accomplish my objective, I could have abandoned him for some time to get used to the thought of seeing me and conversing with me. Mukherjee (Mukherjee, 2008) found that medical caretakers who associated with patients for more terms had significantly larger amounts of holding which made the patient more inclined to permit mediations, realities, and individual trade to happen.

As attendants, we do see so a great deal however despite everything we have to open our eyes and look past the clarified and test the unexplained (Baudains and Le Cuirot, 2008). Sympathy takes into account an opportunity to be in a man`s shoes and thus to comprehend the patient`s perspective (Dougherty and Lister, 2011). Compassion is basic in the nursing calling as it is focal in communication, having said this; sympathy ought not to be mistaken for sensitivity. Sully and Dallas (2010) portrayed sympathy as the capacity to experience another person`s reality, which would mean letting yourself  get into the persistent shoes in order to see some of what they are encountering without submerging yourself into the entire experience. Sympathy includes us being mindful and automatic (Sully and Dallas, 2010).

I likewise need to build up my relational abilities by utilisation of the illuminating method; I feel I didn`t make full utilisation of the system. This method helps the patient depict and investigate the focal and key normal for concerns raised. It can be used by utilising open or shut inquiries (Dougherty and Lister, 2011). I feel all the ranges I have to create are consistently advancing, this is further focused by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2010) which focuses on that all medical caretakers must be subject and responsible for keeping their insight and capacities a la mode through on-going proficient change.



Through composing this task my relational abilities are created. I now understand that communication can be both verbal and non-verbal or a blend of the two (Boon et al, 2012). Listening is additionally a basic piece of nursing. The demonstration of hearing is isolated to that of tuning in. Listening includes preparing and the appending importance (Dougherty and Lister). I have likewise learnt that communication includes a considerable measure including tenor, rate and profundity of speaking (Webb, 2011}. I will warrant that I manage the tenor of my voice when I am around patients.

Action Plan

Composing this intelligent task has made me comprehend that diverse methodologies must be taken relying upon the patient you are corresponding with. I have likewise come to understand that I have a long way to go with respect to communication; this implies that if any preparation on communication is offered I will sign available. I will likewise reliably read the NMC rules in order to guarantee that I am unfailing in my part as a medical attendant. The NMC rules with respect to assent might dependably be stuck to.


Communication can either be verbal or non-verbal with listening abilities having the central impact in communication. Communication assumes a vital part in the conveying of consideration. The manner of speaking and characteristics additionally have an impact. Sympathy is additionally imperative as one need to stroll in someone else`s shoes before they can convey adequately. I have likewise learnt that time must be taken to get the patient agreeable and acquainted with you before any significant discussion can occur as tolerant`s discover it simpler to share their considerations and sentiments once they know you.

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