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[Solved] Nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers

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[Solved] Nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers

Nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers

PICOT Proposal Formative Due Sep 29 by 11:59pm Points 0 Submitting a file upload definition for PICOT: PATIENT POPULATION, INTERVENTION OR ISSUE OF INTEREST, COMPARISON INTERVENTION OR GROUP, OUTCOMES, AND TIME FRAME TO YIELD THE MOST RELEVANT AND BEST EVIDENCE All students are required to submit this paper for formative review, revise their writing, and then resubmit for summative grading. Since it`s required to submit for formative feedback, doing so will enable you to earn 30 of the 100 points associated with this assignment. Please note that this assignment includes an annotated bibliography for your 3 proposed references. Each must be 125-250 words, and directions on how to prepare an annotated bib are here: CLICK HEREfor a video describing the details of the assignment If you have not already reviewed the information about formative feedback, please see it here. Formative Feedback Information.docxPreview the documentView in a new window Find the directions for this assignment at this link. PICOT Proposal directions rev July 13.docx You must choose a topic from this list: Choose one of these topics for your EBP Project.docxPreview the document
Nurse Driven Intervention to Prevent Pressure Ulcers Name: Course Code Instructor: Date of Submission Briefly describe the background of the problem. What are the main issues? The role of nurses in the health sector is one that cannot be undermined. Besides offering care for patients, nurses offer intervention services that are meant to prevent the escalation of certain medical condition. Patients, due to the delicate nature of their health are prone to developing complications as the deterioration of the health escalates. Nurses therefore play the crucial role of intervention to prevent other medical conditions from developing (Perry, 2013). One of the most common conditions that majority of patients suffer from is the pressure that emanate from ulcers. A patient who is subjected to pressure is more prone to developing ulcers than ordinary person subjected to the same pressure. This discussion focuses on the nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers. In discussing this crucial tropic, the PICOT format of analysis shall be employed. What kind of intervention do nurses offer? Pressure ulcers are common among patients between ages of 25 to 42. It is believed that this condition attacks patients who are likely to face other societal responsibilities such as parenting. There are various ways in which nurses can take preventive measures. Ulcers of any nature including those that are caused by pressure will always attack when the nutrition is poor. Ulcers are wounds that form in the stomach lining as result of high levels of acidity. One for, of intervention is to ensure that patients are well hydrated. The lubrication in the walls of the stomach prevents the acid from reacting with the meat that makes up the stomach lining. Lack of lubrication will see an acidity reaction that will consequently lead to ulcers. Proper nutrition is another form intervention. Nurses should ensure that all patients feed properly. Patients having difficulties feeding ...

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[Solved] Nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers [Solved] Nurse driven intervention to prevent pressure ulcers
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