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Movie Research Paper

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Movie Research Paper

Movie Research Paper

From Admin: This is a revision, client complaint of paper read as a foreigner wrote it. He wants it to flow good and sound American. (simple sentences) his paper has to be regarding the film Tim Burton`s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007). Paper should not contain major film events. Quotes and brief summarizations are acceptable. Please discuss the implicit/explicit meaning of the film as well as the formal analysis. Analyze on the following on the film: - How cinematic language connects with the audience - How the theme of the film ties in with the audience. What underlying meaning it could have. This section is completely subjective to your ideas. - Importance of the main character - Discuss political influence on the film o compare to current times o What importance do scenes have? o How this film depicts/relates to society of that time? o How does the elitte/lower class society compare to now and then
ANALYSIS OF SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET (2007)NameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission “Sweeney Todd” is a 2007 film based on a barber who is unfairly imprisoned. As such, he arbors emotional trauma and seeks revenge by killing his aggressors. Benjamin Barker was a talented barber who loved his wife Lucy, and his daughter Johanna, but judge Turpin was an evil man who desired the barber`s wife. In his desire to take Lucy, Turpin puts Barker in jail and kidnaps both his wife and daughter Johanna hence becoming their keeper. Apparently, Barker manages to escape from jail after 15 years of imprisonment and gets back to London to plan for revenge. In his stay there, he lives in his old apartment over Mrs. Lovett`s pie shop. This woman becomes his accomplice in the murder he eventually commits (Walsh, 2007).The theme of revenge is conspicuous in the entire film, and more especially in the aspect of evil. Mrs. Lovett develops love feelings for Barker and severally attempts to make him fall in love with her. The judge has a bad motive for Johanna. The movie starts with a lyric ‘there is a gap in the world like a deep pit, and the number of poor elements and also their “evils” are not worth what a pig could spit. In addition, at the top of the hole are the privileged and elite few making mockery of the underprivileged to the point turning beauty into filth and greed” (Barker, 2007). This is a suggestion that nothing good can survive in such a premise.The main character of in the movie is Todd. However, there are also other characters surrounding him. Todd, the main character in the movie is hard to understand and can be described as a sycophant rather than a father and a husband who, not only tries to avenge for himself, but his family as well (Parson, 2008). The murder of the judge by Todd seems to be the starting point for his killing spree since he does not lay down his razor. The digital effect used in the film has enhanced its connection to the audience. This is because it brings different aspects of themes under different scenes. These effects add drama and action to the film by bringing out the themes that would never have been realized. This alteration of visual aspects in the movie enhances the creation of visual and emotional feeling in the film. The musical lyrics in the film bring the audience closer as it unveils what is about to happen in the film. The aspect of Todd`s dreams of revenge establishes the emotional touch in the film while the bright and beautiful scenes are depicted by the love dreams of Lovett (Sati, 2011). Everything in her fantasies contradicts the real world because her love and affection for her psychopath has pushed her further to insanity and tragic death afterwards. The the...

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Movie Research Paper Movie Research Paper
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