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Moller Skycar

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Moller Skycar

Moller Skycar

Introduction In this case you are to consider how to promote another innovative Californian firm`s new product and in doing so demonstrate your understanding of a promotion strategy, what elements in the overall marketing strategy communicate about a product. Case Question Write a 4 page paper in which you respond to the following case question: The Moller Skycar is not yet in production, and perhaps never will be, but assume that production will start by 2013 and that you have been hired to develop a promotions strategy for it. Using the teaching materials and any additional research, explain how you would develop a promotions strategy for the Moller Skycar. In answering this case question aim to demonstrate your learning not only of the materials from MOD04, but also those from MOD01-03. Ensure that you repeat the case question in full and verbatim on the title page of your submission. Excluding your title and reference pages, your paper should be no more than three pages long. Please submit your case for grading by the end of this module. CASE EXPECTATIONS Use information from the background readings as well as the case articles and any good quality sources you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper. The following will be assessed in particular: Your demonstrated understanding of the marketing concepts central to the case question. Your demonstrated understanding of factors related to the development of an effective promotions strategy through the analysis you conduct in the context of the case. The criteria used for assessment will be those explained on the MOD01 Home page, namely: Focus. Breadth. Depth. Critical thinking. Effective and appropriate communication skills. Case-Related Readings and Video Clips Begin your analysis by reading or viewing the following sources: Moller skycar website home page at http://www.moller.com viewed July 19, 2010. CBSNews.com 2007 Flying cars ready to take off Bob Simon talks to inventors who build personal flying machines. April 17. Viewed at the cbsnews.com website, http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/04/15/60minutes/main688454.shtml on July 19, 2010. The Background Info page provides information you will find useful in writing your paper
Moller Skycar Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (20 November 2010) Moller Skycar Introduction Businesses always aim at maximizing profits and this can be achieved through having maximum sales. Huge sales on its part can be achieved through an effective marketing program that incorporates promotion, distribution and sales so that the customer is satisfied. When developing a promotional strategy one must consider customer satisfaction, perceptions, needs and expectations (Lancaster, & Reynolds, 2005). One must also incorporate the income and profit margins, knowledge of the environment and ensuring that the strategy is satisfactory. Before any marketing can begin there is need for researching about the product market and environment; issues like the customers` needs and the competitors in the market for the new products must be established so as to incorporate a comprehensive plan and strategy (Lancaster, & Reynolds, 2005). The design and quality must also be checked before the product is launched. After production the product must then be announced, communicated, distributed and sold to customers effectively (Lancaster, & Reynolds, 2005). The Moller Skycar Technology has made dreams a reality and with many yearning to fly and evade traffic jams in the city and others looking for cheap air transport that is fast and efficient then the Moller Skycar is the solution. Advanced technology has made the idea of flying with one`s own...

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Moller Skycar Moller Skycar
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