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[Solved]Module 2 SLP: IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles

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[Solved]Module 2 SLP: IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles

Module 2 SLP: IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles


Module 2 - SLP
You`ll remember that the general project for this term involves creating an implementation plan for the new TUI learning management system, Desire2learn (D2L). You`ve already had the opportunity to review some project management software; now you`ll have the opportunity to begin to put together an actual plan using it.
The first step is to confirm your choice of software. You probably will want to use the one that you reviewed earlier, but if you found it inadequate or difficult, you may want to shift to a different program.
Now you should review some specifics about D2L. Go to their website (http://www.desire2learn.com/solutions/higher-education/) and review the principal components of their suite. We plan to implement at least the learning environment, learning repository, and analytics modules at this time; we will probably implement the portfolio and mobile modules a bit later on, and perhaps the capture module as well. For now, concentrate on the first three. Get a good feel for what they involve and how complicated they might be to put into practice, considering the nature of our University and our courses.
Now you should use your software to create a basic first stage, high level plan. Consider the project lifecycle stages that were discussed in the case, and try to create a plan using that framework implemented within your software. It doesn`t have to be in great detail at this point, but you should be able to indicate familiarity with the stages involved and the kinds of decisions that will need to be made at each stage. When you have such a plan sketched out, create a report using the program`s reporting facility and save it to a file.
Finally, prepare a brief (2-3 page) report summarizing your activities regarding the previous three steps -- software selection, D2L review, and plan design. Attach your plan report either as a component of the document (not counted against the page requirement). Be as personal and reflective as you can; remember, your aim is to describe what you learned from this process and how it might affect your behavior and your career.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:
Complete the SLP assignment. Length of 2-3 pages (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 600-900 words)

Conducted evaluation and analysis as required.
Precision: the questions asked are answered.
Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic.
Breadth and Depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module.
Critical thinking: Incorporate YOUR reactions, examples, and applications of the material to business that illustrate your reflective judgment and good understanding of the concepts.
Your paper is well written and the references are properly cited and listed.
How should a software development team approach the prioritization of these tasks and how resources should be allocated to completing them?
How might the prioritization system for helpdesk requests differ from those in a software development project?


IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles Name: Institutional Affiliation: IT Organizations, Projects Life Cycles The project management software that one uses for their activities should be easy to plan, use and assure security. Before one installs and uses such application software, they should analyze the planning abilities and make proper use of the applications (Khine, 2012). In that regard, iTeamwork faces the test on the qualities of work it can deliver. A review and a design plan helps in understanding the uses and dangers it can have for an organization. In this paper, a work plan for schools and learning institutions, Desire2learn is the major component to review to find useful information about its use. The selection of iTeamwork utilizes the needs of higher learning to manage their institutions. It provides the ability to arrange and integrate information in a simple system that one can manage easily. Some challenges exist including complications in the working of all the teaching, administration and the information system that most people have. The learning environment is easy to implement as it has an already developed application. Other components, the repository and analytics m


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[Solved]Module 2 SLP: IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles [Solved]Module 2 SLP: IT Organizations, Projects and Life Cycles
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