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The assignment is an argument paper. I will be writing it over Migration as the topic stated. Please annotate all sources that will help me write this paper in a couple weeks, and they MUST be credible sources, primary sources, such as articles, journals, and books ONLY. I will send you one source I would like for you to annotate beside 8 others. Further instructions will be in an attachment. Thank you.
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – MIGRATIONStudent`s NameName of LecturerName of Institution 1 Alejandro Portes and Rubén G. Rumbaut (2001)Legacies: The Story of the Immigrant Second Generation University of California Press; 1 editionAccording to the book, it is estimated that about 1/5 of the American population is composed of immigrants, either first or second-generation immigrants. This book therefore explores their potential to transform the American society for better or for worse. This book is based on the largest study of its kind whereby it combines clear vignettes with a wealthy survey and school data. In this book, the authors manage to successfully explore the world of second-generation youth looking at patterns of parent-child conflict and cohesion with immigrant families. This book is therefore very productive for the purposes of studying the different classes/generations of immigrants and their influence to the American society. 2 Alejandro Portes and Rubén G. Rumbaut (2006). Immigrant America: A Portrait, University of California Press; 3 editionThis book reflects the current demographic, economic and political realities. The authors have used specific examples in order to bring their points to board. This book is recognized for its super portrayal of immigration and immigrant lives in the United States of America. The book also probes the dynamics of immigrant politics and examines the questions of identity and loyalty among the newcomers/immigrants. The authors manage to substantiate their argument through taking a look at the settlement pattern in urban America, discusses the problem of English language acquisition and bilingual education. This book offers a very good overview of migration and the problems associated with it. 3 Charles Hirschman (1999) The Handbook of International Migration: The American Experience Russell Sage Foundation PublicationsIn this book, the author collaborated with social Science Research Council program directory to come up with a conclusive research on the experience of America as far as migration is concerned. This book covers a comprehensive overview of the concept of immigration in the United States of America. The author also manages to show how migration is important to the US and the positive effects of migration.The author is a professor of social sciences and writes the book with utmost experience some of which are based on personal encounter with the system of immigrants. The book is very informative about the state of international migration in the US and the positive effects of migration. 4 Hung-Ju Chen (2006). International Migration and Economic Growth: A Source Country Perspective; Springer Publishers. Journal of Population Economics, Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 725-748This volume analyses ...

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