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[Solved] Mid term exam(leadership) Jim Madison Dr Cook

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[Solved] Mid term exam(leadership) Jim Madison Dr Cook

Mid term exam(leadership) Jim Madison Dr Cook

please answer these 2 questions using the pdf file uploaded to find the articles needed to answer, the answer lies in the articles within the file on page7+8 , aslo use this source to answer this question.(Leading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership. O`Toole, James. 1996. New York, NY: Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers) note please write 2 double spaced pages for each question. question:) Based on the story of Jim Madison, identify the dominant style of leadership and justify your answer. question:)Based on the story of Dr. Cook, identify the dominant style of leadership and justify your answer
Life SciencesStudent`s name:Students ID:College name:30.09.2012 Life SciencesThe running of an organization is a complex process and requires that the managers employ various forms of leadership styles to run the activities of the organizations smoothly. The choice of any leadership style depends on specific managers and the roles or duties performed by the organization. Based on the story of Jim Madison, it is quite clear that Jim was employing the delegative form of leadership style to ensure that the activities of the company are completed in the most effective way. This is a form of leadership where the management selects specific people among the employees to serve in various positions within the organization. This is aimed at making sure that the employees are placed in areas that they can be most productive. The management has to study the productivity and the interests of each employees before identifying the best section that that employee can be placed to serve in the best way possible.This form of leadership has several advantages, which include; the employees are very motivated and therefore very productive. The employees are normally given an option to suggest possible fields within the organization where they feel that they can perform the best. Once the employees are placed in the fields that they have great interests in, they will work efficiently with minimal supervision. This will be very beneficial to the organizations it will increase productivity and hence profitability in the organization. In addition, the delegative form of style relieves the management of a lot of stress and duties as most of the duties are given to other employees. The delegation is normally done by assigning trustworthy employees with specific duties hence the likelihood of them failing to perform is low. The management is therefore free to handle other duties in the organization.This form of leadership has been identified in the way Jim runs the activities of the social security administration office. It is clearly indicated that Jim frequently calls specific employees to ensure that he achieves the specific set goals. This is clear that Jim has entrusted the specific emp...

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[Solved] Mid term exam(leadership) Jim Madison Dr Cook [Solved] Mid term exam(leadership) Jim Madison Dr Cook
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