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[Solved] Mid term exam (leadership)

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[Solved] Mid term exam (leadership)

Mid term exam (leadership)

please answer this question using the pdf file uploaded, the answer lies in an article within the file on page 5, aslo use this source to answer this question.(Leading Change: The Argument for Values-Based Leadership. O`Toole, James. 1996. New York, NY: Jossey-Bass Inc. Publishers) question:) Based on the story of Sally Helgesen, identify the dominant style of leadership and justify your answer
Life SciencesStudent`s name:Students ID:College name:30.09.2012 Life SciencesBased on the story of Sally Helgesen, the dominant style of leadership being exposed in the story is the authentic leadership style. This is a style where all the stakeholders in the organization are given a chance to air their views and are listened to all the time. The company places the needs of the employees as a priority before focusing on the financial benefits to the company. This is evidenced by the office politics that Sally experienced when she was preparing the speeches for the Fortune 500 Company. In addition, the action of giving sally a chance to interview the employees on the matters concerning the operations in the organization is a clear indicator of the commitment of the organization to get the views of the employees in the running of the organization (O`Toole, 1996). In an authentic form of leadership, the employees are always appreciated depending on whatever small role they play in the company. This is evident in the way the fortune 500 company appreciates the work and the participation it is receiving from the women employees of the company. This is among the best leadership styles that are supposed to be used by an organization, as the employees and other stakeholders will feel appreciated and as part of the important members of the or...

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[Solved] Mid term exam (leadership) [Solved] Mid term exam (leadership)
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