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[Solved] Microbiology 2 (Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed))

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[Solved] Microbiology 2 (Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed))

Microbiology 2 (Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed))

Please answer the uploaded 48 multiple choice questions.
AnswersdecdbbbdabcacbbaddccbecebbdbcbbdbcdNeitherfalsefalsetruefalsetruetruetrue36. Neither; because virulence is a determinant of the seriousness of symptoms cause by microbial contamination, this is also not the basis for determining the illness of organism and is neither related o ID50. An upper ID50 is equivalent to anomalous contagion, (ignore the variables that impact contagion) as such a lower ID50 makes the agent more contagious. In reality E.coli is more contagious than Salmonella, since it takes more salmonella microbes to cause illness. 37: False: the bigger the TI value the safer the drug is considered. 38: False: It is complex to treat both the spine and the brain. Since both organs are information systems that control nerve tissues and if impaired coordination is a problem..40: False; they are produced by both positive ...

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[Solved] Microbiology 2 (Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed)) [Solved] Microbiology 2 (Multiple Choice Questions (None-Time-Framed))
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