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[Solved] MBA Admission Essays

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[Solved] MBA Admission Essays

MBA Admission Essays

Please contact me for more information on the essay questions. I want you to consider my existing essays to know what my goals are, why I want to pursue my MBA and my other personal details. I am a first time applicant (not a re-applicant). I uploaded a few essays as reference for him to understand my background and future goals. Please, also make a note that NOT to do copy and paste from the essays I uploaded to the case I want the best quality that you can provide but this time I expect it to be proper because, if it unacceptable, I have to spend time on writing these essays myself which takes a while for me But please make sure the quality is the best you can provide If possible, please make a note to the new writer to use the essays as just a refernce. Not a source If the writer needs more context, I believe he can contact me
Name:Task:Tutor:Date:MBA Admission EssayMy interest, in the long term, is to work for a large companies and gain more experience. Such companies include Apple, Honeywell, Microsoft and many others. I would also love new small companies as well as new technology startups to provide myself with awareness of various technological trends that are undoubtedly useful in the business world. In order to achieve this, I would try and get to know some smart engineers and programmers who are knowledgeable in the field and can help me boost my technological knowledge and ability in handling technological related management issues. I would like to use the resources of a large firm behind the mentioned professional technicians and help bring their amazing and unnoticed innovations into the market. This will help the company gain popularity and trust among many investors, for instance, those who would love to buy its shares. Technological innovations in large companies improve the confidence of the investors as it assures them of good amounts of dividends. The reason behind this is that the innovations are always good boosters to the production of the company giving potential investors` confidence to bring in their funds (Peterson`s 56). Besides, I would like to ensure that new technological ideas are received and well utilized in the market and larger firms. Getting the ideas out of the market is necessary as other companies will be able to receive and utilize it to improve their production. Overall improvement in production of a country is an implication of national economic standards improvement. This is very crucial in any economy.The other long term goal that I would love to attain is to conduct business workshops from young business minded people across the globe. Getting business ideas is one of the toughest processes in starting up any business opportunity. Bringing different people from different backgrounds help in coming up with varieties of ideas, which to me is an important step in coming up with business opportunities as well as teaching and informing business students on the right ways of discovering opportunities within their localities. During such occasions, attendees will also learn the various existing ways and means of conducting and improving business in their various environments. In order to ensure the accomplishment of the above goals, the best and most appropriate goal in the short term is consultation strategy to the technology experts. This will be the first step towards ensuring the realization of the first goal which is mainly making myself aware of the evolving technology necessary for carrying out business activities. The other step that I will take to boost my technical knowhow will be attending institutions where new technologies are taught on a part time basis. Besides the discovery of new business ideas and sharing of opinions, business related international integration will be facilitated enabling easy operation of business ...

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[Solved] MBA Admission Essays [Solved] MBA Admission Essays
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